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Who Won More of Their Comic Battles

It’s safe to say that Hulk vs Juggernaut is the true battle of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Bruce Banner’s gamma-powered strength and Cain Marko’s mystical abilities drawn from the Gem of Cyttorak define the strongest sluggers Earth-616 has to offer. The two have fought plenty of times, but when determining every factor, it’s clear that one of these powerhouses reigns supreme over the other.


The two titans first fought in The Incredible Hulk #172 by Roy Thomas, Tony Isabella, Steve Englehart, and Herb Trimpe. Although Hulk manages to remove Juggernaut’s helmet, Juggernaut isn’t down. Just as an angry and helmetless Juggernaut gets up to charge at Hulk, the X-Men show up and mentally incapacitate the charging brute. Since then, they’ve managed to face each other several times. So after Hulk and Juggernaut’s several rematches over the years, who wins more fights?

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Hulk is Strong Enough To Stop Juggernaut’s Magic Momentum

When it comes to physical strength, Hulk might actually be the “strongest one there is,” as he regularly tends to claim. As mentioned, Hulk and Juggernaut’s first fight in Incredible Hulk #172 doesn’t technically finish. However, Hulk does come out unscathed. Meanwhile, Juggernaut loses his helmet.

World War Hulk: X-Men #3 marks another milestone for Hulk, as he successfully stops a charging Juggernaut. This feat means that even though Marko’s mystic strength deems him unstoppable, writer Christos N. Gage shows that Hulk does indeed have the overwhelming power to thwart Juggernaut’s supernatural rules.

Juggernaut Has Beaten Hulk, But Never in A Fair Fight

Even though Juggernaut has shown he can win against Hulk, he’s only won twice, and there’s always a technicality. Juggernaut’s first win was only due to facing Hulk’s weaker “Professor Hulk” persona during their fight in The Incredible Hulk #402 (meaning Juggernaut is indeed stronger than Professor Hulk).

Cain Marko also stops the green monster in Juggernaut #2 by Fabian Nicieza and Ron Garney. Juggernaut ends up stopping Hulk, but it’s entirely because of Damage Control. Before their interference, Hulk is actually about to defeat Juggernaut. In every other contest (from World War Hulk: X-Men #3 to The Incredible Hulk #457), whenever they don’t end in a draw, Hulk triumphs.

Although their power is nearly even—their fights end in draws five of these times—Hulk currently has four victories next to Juggernaut‘s two. In addition to this final tally, fans should consider that Hulk has unfair disadvantages during his losses. These two Marvel Comics superpowered savages will inevitably meet again, but as of now, Hulk is still the strongest one there is.

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