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Why are White House staff afraid to let a Post reporter question Biden?

Not content with limiting President Joe Biden to a modern-record low of full press conferences, the White House staff on Monday banned The Post’s Steven Nelson from the prez’s only daytime public event — leaving around 20 of the venue’s 50 or so seats empty.

Biden stomped out of a February presser on China in same room, griping “give me a break” about journalists’ failure to be “polite” after the Post reporter asked, “Is your ability to deal with China compromised by your family’s business relationships in China?”

Last Friday, the prez refused to take press questions while claiming he had a “major press conference” that night; in fact it was a one-on-one interview on ultraliberal MSNBC.

The same day, the Press Office announced new rules requiring every member of the White House press corps to re-apply for credentials.

On Monday, the White House didn’t even give Nelson a reason for excluding him, just a bland, plainly false note that “We are unable to accommodate your credential request.”

What’s going on?

Guesses include the staff wanting to shield the prez from questions about Hunter, as prosecutors move to decide on charging the first son for tax fraud and other crimes.

Or maybe they fear he’ll blow up if asked about the border, or the debt.

About 20 of the seats at the event were left vacant.
Diana Glebova

Whatever: We fear it’s something larger.

At 80, Biden’s just been hit by a Washington Post (!) poll showing that 63% of voters think he’s mentally unfit for a second term.

Most likely, his staff figures those numbers will get even worse if he faces any tough questions.

We wonder: If they think he can’t handle reporters, just what duties are they trusting him with?

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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