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Why None Of The Avengers Are In Secret Invasion

The MCU’s Secret Invasion is almost here, and Samuel L. Jackson has hinted why Nick Fury will be facing the threat of shape-shifting aliens alone without the Avengers’ help. Despite being the one who first assembled Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on-screen, Jackson’s Nick Fury has recently been absent in the MCU to such a degree that Spider-Man: No Way Home revealed he’d even recruited a shape-shifting Skrull to stand in for him on Earth while he was off-world. However, Nick Fury is set to come home in Secret Invasion, though it looks as though his backup will be limited.


In a new interview with Empire Magazine, Jackson teases the reason behind the Avengers’ absence from Secret Invasion. Despite the threat of another alien attack on Earth, it seems there will be a particular explanation as to why Fury doesn’t just call on Earth’s Mightiest for help:

“He’s trying to solve a problem without people who have superpowers…There’s a very good explanation for that. That’ll come up.”

Jackson’s new comments are supported by promotions for Secret Invasion. As seen in the trailers, Fury makes it clear that he needs to fight this new war alone when asked about the Avengers.

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Without the Avengers, Who’s Helping Nick Fury in Secret Invasion?

Despite Fury’s insistence on working alone, it does look like he’ll still have some contacts and allies working alongside him. Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill is seen with Fury, having been his second-in-command ever since 2012’s Avengers. Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos is involved as well, the Skrull who’d been posing as Fury in the MCU and seemingly wants to stop this splinter group of Skrulls who will rise as a major danger to the world. There’s also Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross of the CIA and newcomers such as Olivia Colman’s Sonya Falsworth. However, the threat of shape-shifting Skrulls means genuine trust will be extremely hard to come by.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that there is one Avenger who will be present in the Secret Invasion, and that’s Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes aka War Machine. However, it does seem as though his role will be in more of a military capacity with his status as a colonel rather than suiting up in his impressive armor. Likewise, the true suspense of Secret Invasion will be the ongoing paranoia of who is and isn’t a Skrull. This concern certainly applies to War Machine just as much as any other character in the upcoming MCU show.

At any rate, it’s nice to get confirmation from Jackson that the Avengers’ absence will be addressed. The reason may also help shed light on the Avengers’ status following Endgame as it’s been speculated that there may not even be an active roster in the current MCU. Hopefully, the answers will be satisfying when Secret Invasion begins streaming June 21st on Disney+.

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