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Why Richa From Indian Matchmaking Was So Controversial (& What She’s Up To Now)

Indian Matchmaking season 1 featured a cast member named Richa, who shared her highly scandalous views with Sima Taparia during a very brief appearance. In 2020, Sima Aunty from Mumbai was introduced to Netflix viewers as a top matchmaker for the rich and affluent in India, and across the United States. The “cringe-binge” show shed light on Sima’s own rudimentary thoughts, when she asked educated, modern women to, “adjust” and “compromise” in order to find husbands. The show by Smriti Mundhra scratched the surface of how shallow the arranged marriage process can be, and Richa instantly became the talk of the town.


In Indian Matchmaking season 1, Sima flew to San Diego, California in episode 8. She spoke about matchmaking being a 24-hour job, as the cameras introduced her next client, middle child, Richa. The latter woman’s older sister married an Indian man, whom she met on an Indian dating website. Sima was invited to a party thrown because Richa’s younger brother had gotten married the previous night, and there was a, “rush” to get Richa married. She wanted to please them with her choice. She was interested in finding an Indian husband.

Richa’s Indian Matchmaking Preferences Led To Backlash

In the minute-long conversation that was filmed between Sima and Richa on Indian Matchmaking, Richa revealed that she wanted someone that immediately, “jumps right in” to make a first impression. That person should be a good communicator who’ll have fun with her family. Richa also sought an ambitious and passionate partner. He should be fit, “funny” and extroverted. “I don’t want a fly on the wall,” she added. Richa cooks a lot of eggs, and hoped to find a partner who enjoys time in the kitchen.

Then, there were more problematic demands, which made Sima roll her eyes repeatedly. “Not too dark, you know, fair-skinned,” Richa confessed. A match should also have strong family values. “Just mold me, make it into a man, and then have the same exact family,” she continued. Richa’s voice was cut off midway when she said, “Any caste is fine as long as their…” She asked Sima to, “make sure” her husband is taller than her, even when she’s wearing, “five-inch heels.”

Did Indian Matchmaking Destroy Richa’s Life?

Richa Indian Matchmaking Sima Taparia Season 1 sitting at table talking

Reddit user u/Turbulent-Break-9884 recently posted about Richa, recalling her scene, and claimed that Indian Matchmaking,“edited in one line where she said she preferred fair-skin guys.” The OP spoke about how Richa, “s*****d herself career-wise forever,” considering the, “political climate.” They called the producers, “savage” for not letting Richa have a chance at redeeming herself through an Indian Matchmaking season 2 appearance. However, users such as u/dusty_jake didn’t agree with the OP. They reminded them, “Yea maybe she shouldn’t be so colorist, she ruined her own life.” Then, u/bofh000 wrote, “Netflix didn’t ruin her life. They didn’t make up what she said. She said it herself.”

What Indian Matchmaking’s Richa Is Doing In 2023

The truth is that what Richa said on the show during her five-minute reality TV debut was tone-deaf. It made fans livid, and probably kept Netflix from bringing her back for a new season. Richa was Sima’s client on Indian Matchmaking, and perhaps Sima was able to find her a husband. Richa is not traceable on social media, and possibly kept herself away from any publicity due to her experience as a Netflix reality celeb. Sima has a zero success rate when it comes to getting her clients married on the show. However, Richa may have had a success story that was never shared with viewers.

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