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Why TLC Isn’t Interested In A Sister Wives Spin-Off

For years, Sister Wives viewers have been begging for a spin-off that would showcase Christine and Janelle Brown’s lives, but it looks like the TLC network is going to take a hard pass on the idea. Kody Brown, the patriarch, has been ignoring all but one of his wives for years, and they finally became fed up with his attitude. The once-proud polygamous family is no more, and it’s unclear what’s next for the large group.


Sister Wives premiered in 2010, and brought a unique look into the world of Mormon polygamy. It’s always been taboo to have more than one wife and is illegal. Kody, Janelle, Christine, Meri, and Robyn Brown lived in fear when they resided in Utah because the father of 18 could be arrested at any given moment. While trying to explain their unconventional life to viewers, they fled in the middle of the night to find sanctuary in Las Vegas. However, the Brown family’s mission to show that love should be multiplied has failed on multiple fronts.

Are Christine And Janelle Working On Solo Project?

The head of TLC, Howard Lee, spoke to Variety about their upcoming plans for the popular show and dropped some interesting Sister Wives information. Howard shared that he would “love” to create a special spin-off, but revealed that the show is in such a good place that the network doesn’t need to pursue those avenues right now. He did share that he believes certain personalities would be interested in their own show, but for now, the main series is doing an excellent job at covering all the drama, noting there’s no “end in sight.”

What To Expect From Sister Wives Season 18

It was also revealed that Sister Wives season 18 would be returning soon. The new season will show the Browns navigating the highs and lows that come from Kody losing not one but three wives. During the Sister Wives season 17 Tell-All, Janelle revealed that she and Kody had been living separately for months. Meri also shared this past December that she was walking away from her 30-year marriage.

Christine also hinted that she would be back to film another season and would be introducing her fiancé, David Woolley, to Sister Wives viewers. The last season showed Christine finally pulling away from her dysfunctional and toxic marriage with Kody and moving back to Utah. Kody didn’t handle the news well, and lashed out at everyone around him. Even though the former polygamous partner only has one wife, Robyn, by his side, the TLC network is determined to make the series continue to work as they know they have a unique show on their hands.

Source: Variety

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