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Will Ferrell & Jamie Foxx’s Strays Pushes Release Date Back 2 Months

Strays, starring Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx, has been pushed back from its original June 9 release date. The R-rated comedy stars Ferrell as Reggie, a Border Terrier who is left on the streets by his neglectful owner Doug. Reggie soon befriends Foxx’s Boston Terrier character Bug. Along with a group of other stray dogs, the pair embark on a mission to get revenge on Doug for abandoning Reggie.

Now, Deadline reports that Strays, which originally had a release date of June 9, has been pushed back by two months. The new release date for Strays is August 18. This pits the Ferrell-led comedy against DC’s Blue Beetle instead of Paramount’s Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, as its original June 9 release date would have done.


Why Strays Is Pushing Its Release Date Back

Aside from Ferrell and Foxx, Strays also features Isla Fisher as Australian Shepherd Maggie and Randall Park as Great Dane Hunter. Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte will be playing Doug, who trailers indicate will be hunted down by the strays in hilarious scenes of canine justice. The voice cast for Strays underscores the star power and talent of the film, which will bring its adult-oriented, comedic story to life.

Part of the reason why Strays may have been pushed back is due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Because of this, there are many late night talk shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Late Night with Seth Meyers that are on hiatus because of the strike and to stand in solidarity with workers. Late night talk shows are a primary locale for R-rated comedies like Strays to get press, and by extension, more people in seats. Additionally, Universal may wish to spread out its finished movies on the release calendar to avoid a gap in content amid the strike.

If the writers strike and subsequent lack of late night talk show promotion continues as the new release date for Strays inches closer, it’s unclear if the film will push back its release again. However, with so much promotional material for the film out already, it’s equally possible the final touches are being put on Ferrell and Foxx’s movie before it gets a wide release. While disappointing for some looking forward to it, Strays‘ pushed release date could result in an even funnier film.

Source: Deadline

This story originally appeared on Screenrant

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