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Yellowjackets Director Says Even She Doesn’t Know Symbol’s Mystery Meaning

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Yellowjackets season 2, episode 6.Yellowjackets director Liz Garbus says even she doesn’t know what the mysterious symbol in the series is supposed to represent. Garbus directed Yellowjackets season 2, episode 6, which saw Shauna finally give birth in the past as the surviving Yellowjackets came together in the present. The episode also revealed that part of present Lottie’s commune lawn is shaped like the mystery symbol from the forest.

Speaking with Variety, Garbus reveals even she isn’t sure of the meaning behind Yellowjackets‘ mysterious symbol. It appears that, despite working on the series, Garbus is just as in the dark about the symbol as viewers are. Check out what Garbus had to say below:

No, but I have some thoughts. It’s nothing that I could explain. Even if I was allowed to explain it as something, I don’t think I could even explain enough to make sense to myself. I’m super curious how they’ll spill that.

What Does The Symbol In Yellowjackets Mean?

The symbol in Yellowjackets was first seen in season 1, having already been carved into trees before the team crashed in the forest. Since then, the symbol has been seen many times throughout the show, gaining more prominence than ever before in season 2. The symbol also seems connected to Lottie somehow, due to the design of her commune and her putting it on the baby blanket she made for Shauna.

While Yellowjackets hasn’t definitively revealed what the symbol means, it appears to be the connective tissue between the team and everything going on in the wilderness. The sleepwalking version of Taissa is drawn to the symbol carved on trees, while Crystal fell off a cliff into a similar position as the symbol in Yellowjackets season 2, episode 5. Couple these events with its strong connection to Lottie, and the symbol may be hinting at supernatural forces in the wilderness with the girls.

Yellowjackets season 2, episode 5 saw Natalie claim “it” followed them from the wilderness back to civilization. While it’s unclear what this mysterious force could be, it’s very likely to have some connection to the symbol given its confirmed correlation to the wilderness. As Yellowjackets continues, it’s likely more answers will be provided about the meaning behind the wilderness symbol.

Source: Variety

This story originally appeared on Screenrant

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