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Yellowjackets Season 2 Contains Payoff For Two Specific Season 1 Scenes

Yellowjackets showrunner Ashley Lyle confirms two specific season 1 scenes will pay off in season 2’s final episodes. Yellowjackets moves back and forth between the past and present, with the past storyline showing what happened to the titular girls’ soccer team after their plane crashed in the wilderness, and with the present day storyline following the survivors years later as they struggle with the deeply traumatic experiences from the past.

While speaking with Collider, Lyle confirms that scenes from the past storyline in season 1 will come back into play as Yellowjackets season 2 reaches its conclusion. One of these scenes takes place during the pilot episode before the plane crash, while the other scene comes later once the team has already been stranded in the wilderness for some time. Check out Lyle’s comments below:

“I will not give the context yet because it is spoilery, but there is a moment at the keg party in the pilot where Natalie is tripping and she sees Misty, and that is something that we planted very early on that will pay off later.”

“There’s a throwaway line in, which episode was it? It was in Season 1 and it was I think Episode 6, 7, somewhere around there. But there’s a throwaway line where Travis is playing solitaire, or trying to play solitaire, and Natalie tells him that there are no queens in that deck, and that was a plant very much for this season.”

How The Yellowjackets Season 1 Scenes May Be Important In Seasons 2’s Final Episodes

Both scenes that Lyle mentions feature queens. When Natalie is on her acid trip in the Yellowjackets pilot, she sees the Antler Queen. This individual appears to be the leader of the murder and cannibalism that the pilot shows will eventually come to pass in the wilderness. Between Natalie seeing the Antler Queen and Natalie telling Travis there are no queens in the card deck, these teases may mean that the Antler Queen’s identity will be revealed in Yellowjackets season 2’s final episodes.

It has been strongly hinted that Lottie is Yellowjackets‘ Antler Queen. When Misty drugged the group in season 1, episode 9, Lottie donned the antlers and told the other girls to sacrifice Travis. In the present day storyline, Lottie has shared during her therapy sessions how she regrets her actions in the wilderness that were guided by her visions, which is partly why she is terrified by the return of her visions. Lottie has continually gained more power and influence over the group in Yellowjackets season 2, making it natural for her to become the Antler Queen in the past.

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The other key piece that Lyle mentions is Misty. She is the only character confirmed to not be the Antler Queen, as her face is the only one shown during the cannibalism scene in the Yellowjackets pilot. Yet, Misty does seem to be a willing participant in it and even smiles after it’s all over. Whether the Antler Queen is one of the girls, a spirit, or something else entirely, Misty may play a pivotal role in supporting the Antler Queen’s rise to power in Yellowjackets final season 2 episodes.

Source: Collider

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