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BIG NEWS IN SPORTS: LIV and PGA Agree to Merge Just as President Trump Predicted Last Year | The Gateway Pundit

There was big news in the sports world today.
The PGA and LIV agreed to merge into a new commercial entity.

The PGA made the announcement on Tuesday.

President Trump predicted this would happen last year in 2022.

CNN reported:

The US-based PGA Tour is set to partner with the Saudi-backed breakaway LIV Golf, ending a feud that has dogged the men’s professional game for the past year.

The PGA Tour made the shock announcement on Tuesday, saying a new partnership with LIV and the DP World Tour would “unify the game of golf.”

“The parties have signed an agreement that combines PIF’s golf-related commercial businesses and rights (including LIV Golf) with the commercial businesses and rights of the PGA Tour and DP World Tour into a new, collectively owned, for-profit entity,” the statement read.

A spokesperson for the PGA Tour told CNN that the new relationship between the PGA Tour, DP World Tour and LIV Golf is not a merger, but “a partnership/creation of a new commercial entity.”

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