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Handy Outlook keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac

GENERAL SHORTCUTS   Open selected item Ctrl-O ⌘-O   Close an open item (message, appointment, contact, task, etc.) Esc ⌘-W   Delete selected item Ctrl-D Delete   Select all items Ctrl-A ⌘-A   Copy selected item Ctrl-C ⌘-C   Cut selected item Ctrl-X ⌘-X   Paste item from the clipboard Ctrl-V ⌘-V   Undo last action Ctrl-Z ⌘-Z   Save Ctrl-S ⌘-S   Print Ctrl-P ⌘-P   Flag an item for follow-up Ctrl-Shift-G Control-5   Go to the Search box F3 or Ctrl-E ⌘-Option-F   Use Advanced Find Ctrl-Shift-F ⌘-Shift-F   Search for text within an open item F4 ⌘-F   Check spelling and grammar F7 ⌘-:   Make text bold Ctrl-B ⌘-B   Make text italic Ctrl-I ⌘-I   Add bullets Ctrl-Shift-L ⌘-Shift-L   Switch to Mail Ctrl-1 ⌘-1   Switch to Calendar Ctrl-2 ⌘-2   Switch to Contacts Ctrl-3 ⌘-3   Switch to Tasks Ctrl-4 ⌘-4   Switch to Notes Ctrl-5 ⌘-5   Go to the Home tab on the Ribbon Alt-H   EMAIL SHORTCUTS   Create a new message (when in Mail) Ctrl-N ⌘-N   Create a new message (from any Outlook view) Ctrl-Shift-M     Go to the previous / next message (in the email list) ↑ (up arrow) / ↓ (down arrow) ↑ (up arrow) / ↓ (down arrow)   Go to the previous / next message (when you have a message open) Ctrl-. (period) / Ctrl-, (comma)     In the Reading Pane, move one page down through text Spacebar Page down   In the Reading Pane, move one page up through text Shift-Spacebar Page up   Mark message as read Ctrl-Q ⌘-T   Mark message as unread Ctrl-U ⌘-Shift-T   Move message to a folder Alt-H, MV ⌘-Shift-M   Send a message Alt-S ⌘-Return   Send/Receive mail F9 or Ctrl-M ⌘-Control-K   Reply Ctrl-R ⌘-R   Reply All Ctrl-Shift-R ⌘-Shift-R   Forward Ctrl-F ⌘-J   Attach a file to a message Alt-H, AF ⌘-E   Create a folder Ctrl-Shift-E ⌘-Shift-N   In the Folder pane, go to a different folder Ctrl-Y     Collapse / expand a conversation group in the email message list ← (left arrow) / → (right arrow) ← (left arrow) / → (right arrow) CALENDAR SHORTCUTS   Create a new appointment (when in Calendar) Ctrl-N ⌘-N   Create a new appointment (from any Outlook view) Ctrl-Shift-A     Create a meeting request Ctrl-Shift-Q     Snooze a reminder Alt-S     Forward an appointment or meeting Ctrl-F     Reply to a meeting request with a message Ctrl-R     Reply All to a meeting request with a message Ctrl-Shift-R     Go to a date Ctrl-G     Show 1, 2, etc. days in the calendar Alt-1, Alt-2, etc.     Switch to Work Week view Ctrl-Alt-2 or Alt– (minus sign)     Switch to Full Week view Ctrl-Alt-3     Switch to Month view Ctrl-Alt-4 or Alt-= (equals sign)     Go to the previous / next day ← (left arrow) / → (right arrow) ⌘-Option-← (left arrow) / ⌘-Option-→ (right arrow) (in Day view)   Go to the previous / next week Alt-↑ (up arrow) / Alt-↓ (down arrow) ⌘-Option-← / ⌘-Option-→ (in Week or Work Week view)   Go to the previous / next month Alt-Page Up / Alt-Page Down ⌘-Option-← / ⌘-Option-→ (in Month view)   Go to the previous appointment Ctrl-. (period)     Go to the next appointment Ctrl-, (comma)   CONTACTS SHORTCUTS   Create a new contact (when in Contacts) Ctrl-N ⌘-N   Create a new contact (from any Outlook view) Ctrl-Shift-C     Create a new contact group Ctrl-Shift-L     Find a contact F11     Open the Address Book Ctrl-Shift-B   TASKS SHORTCUTS   Create a new task (when in Tasks) Ctrl-N ⌘-N   Create a new task (from any Outlook view) Ctrl-Shift-K     Create a new task request Ctrl-Shift-Alt-U     Accept a task request Ctrl-C     Decline a task request Ctrl-D   NOTES SHORTCUTS   Create a new note (when in Notes) Ctrl-N ⌘-N   Create a new note (from any Outlook view) Ctrl-Shift-N  

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