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Jack Smith Appears To Have Gotten One Of Trump’s Top Aides

Taylor Budowich who is one of two Trump aides who is working at Mar–Lago was spotted entering the federal courthouse in Miami.


NBC News’s Garrett Haake reported, “The Trump aide in question is Taylor Budowich, a fixture in the Trump orbit for quite some time now. We don’t know what issue prosecutors are want to talk to him about. For a time in the immediate aftermath of the trump presidency, Taylor was one of the few — one of only two paid political aides who were on Mr. Trump’s staff. He was in Mar-a-Lago during that time period and would have been around for potentially conversations about both the election interference probe that Jack Smith is handling and the classified documents piece of this. So he’s someone who could have a wide breadth of knowledge that could be useful to Smith. I think the questions that we don’t know is why is he coming in.”

Trump only has two paid political aides with him at Mar-a-Lago, and one of them is appearing before one of the Jack Smith gran juries investigating Trump. That’s not good.

The fact that so many people who are/were in close proximity to Trump have testified demonstrates the power of a federal criminal prosecution. Jack Smith has gotten information that even Congress couldn’t get with a select committee. Smith even got Mark Meadows talking.

Trump is so obsessed with winning the 2024 election because a return to the White House looks like the only way to stop the freight train of prosecutions that is heading straight for him.

Jack Smith seems to be getting access to everyone, and that makes Donald Trump’s legal situation bleak and dire.

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