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Lamar Odom Visits Bam Margera at Hospital, Offers Free Rehab

Bam Margera was recently placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold by the Los Angeles Police Department. Now, Lamar Odom is doubling down with trying to get help for the former Jackass performer. Per TMZ, Odom visited Margera in the hospital to personally invite him to attend his own rehab center, free of charge. Odom had previously said publicly that Margera was welcome to attend the facility, and now the offer has been extended in person amid Margera’s continued troubles. Word is Odom saw Margera on Tuesday and is trying to arrange for Margera to attend one of his Odom Wellness Treatment Centers as soon as he’s released from his psychiatric hold.


According to the new report, Margera was “receptive to going to rehab and was very hopeful during their chat.” He also continued to say that what he wants most is to see his son. Odom and Margera are also said to have hugged at the end of the meeting. Margera had previously said he was going to accept Odom’s offer, but he hadn’t yet attended any of the treatment facilities. Maybe the psychiatric hold coupled with Odom meeting with him in person will help give Margera the motivation he needs to go to rehab and see it through.

Odom has three drug treatment centers: Gold Bridge Addiction Center in Louisburg, KS; Wavelengths in Huntington Beach, CA; and Project West in San Diego, CA.

Last week, Margera had sparked some concerns when he shared a video on social media addressing his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd. The former Jackass star demanded that she let him see their son, Phoenix, otherwise, he’d be resorting to using hard drugs to soothe the pain until he’s dead. Boyd filed for legal separation in February and wants Margera’s visits with Phoenix to be supervised because of his struggles with addiction.

“I’m going to smoke crack down with the bums at the boardwalk until I’m dead unless you deliver me f***ing Phoenix,” Margera said in the video. “Get to work Nikki, or anyone that wants to help. I want Phoenix.”

Things escalated from there. On Sunday, Margera’s brother, Jess Margera, took to Twitter to ask the public for help in locating the Viva La Bam star. He said that he was trying to get the LAPD to find Margera by pinging his phone, but that the process takes time, and Jess was worried about his brother’s wellbeing.

Now, TMZ reports that cops were able to find Margera by using that method, tracking him down at actor Danny Trejo’s restaurant Trejo’s Tacos. Officers say Margera exhibited “erratic speech and behavior,” and given his threats of self-harm on social media, they went ahead and placed Margera on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

The psychiatric hold is involuntary, and legally, Margera can be held in the mental health facility he was taken to for up to 72 hours. With that said, it’s unclear if he has been released or is still getting care at the facility.

Margera’s attorney, Peter Thompson, also shared some details with TMZ about what happened in California. Thompson says that Margera hadn’t seen his son in two months and his recent trip to Los Angeles was with the hope that he could see Phoenix. For now, Boyd reportedly doesn’t want a meeting until after Margera enters a rehab program, and Thompson says he doesn’t know if Margera plans on doing that in L.A. or not. However, he also suggested that a FaceTime call with Margera “at the very least” would have helped ease his mind. In any case, there’s no indication that he saw his estranged wife and son while in the city.

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Bam Margera’s Recent Troubles Are Well Known

Bam Margera/Instagram

Margera has had a lot of legal troubles over the past year. In April, he was arrested by Pennsylvania police after an altercation with Jess Margera. That followed two arrests in March, the first for allegedly kicking a woman he’d been dating. He was arrested weeks later for allegedly making a scene at a diner where his estranged wife and son had been eating. Margera has also been in and out of rehab over the past year, though he recently claimed to be finished with drinking for the sake of his son.

“For the sake of Phoenix the wolf. Today is the day I will stop drinking,” Bam said in April in a social media post that has since been deleted.

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