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The Aces, Madison Beer, Boys World – Billboard

Looking for some motivation to help power you through the start of another work week? We feel you, and with some stellar new pop tunes, we’ve got you covered.



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These 10 tracks from artists including The Aces, Madison Beer, Blonde Redhead and Boys World will get you energized to take on the week. Pop any of these gems into your personal playlists — or scroll to the end of the post for a custom playlist of all 10.

Ilsey with Bon Iver, “Heart of Gold” 

Singer-songwriter Ilsey Juber has worked with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Kacey Musgraves and dozens more across the last decade. On “Heart of Gold,” her warm tone takes on the affecting Neil Young classic with an assist from Bon Iver: there’s a fullness to Ilsey’s rendition — and with the slightly faster pacing, the ongoing search for that illusive heart of gold sounds more urgent than before. — Lyndsey Havens

Gabriels, “Glory” 

Rising three-piece band Gabriels, a British-American act formed in 2016, have uncovered a kind of magic when they combine, and “Glory” is a stellar example. Though the song clocks in at under three minutes, with its heart-racing cymbal taps, full-bodied harmonies and soul-stirring fusion of jazz and gospel, the moments that Gabriels manage to pull off within that frame have a lasting impact. — L.H.

The Aces, “Attention”

Indie-pop quartet The Aces kicked off Pride month with the release of its uplifting third album I’ve Loved You For So Long. Standout track “Attention” focuses on the recognition of your own limits, and what you can give: “I’ve become your enemy / You’ve started resenting me,” sings lead vocalist Cristal Ramirez with a touch of remorse, before admitting, “I’m tired of tearing you apart / Know your heart has had enough.” — L.H.

Alicia Creti, “Strange”

Montreal singer-songwriter Alicia Creti only debuted last year with the piano-led “Congratulations,” and on “Strange,” she’s sticking with what she does best, delivering impressive range over soulful R&B-pop production — and, of course, led by keys. “Strange” sounds less pristine than her debut track but in the best way possible, allowing her unfiltered vocals to hit full force. — L.H.

Madison Beer, “Home to Another One”

“Home to Another One” may sound like a stylistic exercise by Madison Beer on first listen — the respective sounds of Tame Impala and Lana Del Rey, springy psych-rock and lilting pop, smushed into three minutes — but Beer’s performance stands out within the mash-up, synthesizing those influences into a sturdy groove and reflection on betrayal. The long-simmering pop artist’s sophomore album, Silence Between Songs, is due in September, but “Home to Another One” was wisely released in time for summer spins. – Jason Lipshutz

Becca Mancari, “Over and Over”

“I wanted to write a queer pop song that has meat on its bones,” Becca Mancari explains in a press release for new single “Over and Over”; to accomplish this, the singer-songwriter combines a novelistic lyrical approach (“Line cook, janitor / That year I was invisible / Back in the closet, celibate / But we don’t have to talk about it”), a killer refrain centered on its titular phrase, and backing vocals from their pal Julien Baker. The product is both airy and substantial, one of the more satisfying pop tracks of the year — in other words, mission accomplished. – J. Lipshutz

Blonde Redhead, “Snowman”

Back with their first album since 2014, Blonde Redhead have previewed the forthcoming Sit Down for Dinner with a breathtaking five-minute comeback statement: “Snowman” draws upon experimental Brazilian music, but exists in the warm comforts of 2000s indie rock, Amedeo Pace’s voice swirling across the layered production like a long-lost siren from the blog era. The length and depth of “Snowman” suggests that Blonde Redhead’s return will carry lofty artistic ambitions — as listeners, we’re all the better for them. – J. Lipshutz

Porsh Bet$, “Moving On”

Over a gentle yet prickly guitar, Porsh Bet$ tells a soon-to-be-ex, “We’re holdin’ on to what’s left of nothing / what’s the point of a long discussion if we’re moving on?” With a chorus like that, you might expect a sneering delivery, but the Harlem-raised indie singer-songwriter asks the question with a wistful warmth, making this a rare breakup song that isn’t pained or pissed off – just grateful, but ready to call it a day. – Joe Lynch  

Los Aptos & Cuco, “Miel”

Los Aptos and Cuco are a match made in heaven on collaborative track “Miel.” The group – which consists of trio Juan Ortega, Jony and Alex Rivera – effortlessly croon about the beauty their lover possesses (“Y esos ojos hermosos color a miel” — “Your beautiful eyes are the color of honey”), and dare to consider what life would be like without the object of their affections, a perfect complement to Cuco’s romantic musings. – Starr Bowenbank

Boys World, “me, my girls & i”

Heartbreak doesn’t stand a chance against the girls of Boys World – Elana, Makhyli, Queenie Mae, Lillian Kay and Olivia Ruby – and their new track, “me, my girls & i.” The track sees the quintet uplifting the unofficial sixth member of the group (the listener) out of her “sad b—h” state of mind, and employs all the trappings of mending a broken heart: going out, dancing, spending time with  your closest pals. With nearly three minutes of girl power themes, high-energy beats and bouncy instrumentation, the track acts as an antidote to emotional slumps of any kind. – S.B.

This story originally appeared on Billboard

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