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‘Yellowstone’ Series Finale Questions | TVLine

The biggest of Yellowstone’s cliffhangers has already been resolved. (Is it ending? Sadly, yes, we learned back in May.) But that still leaves as many questions to be answered as there are bodies at the train station.

Since the Paramount Network hit, which is slated to return in November with the back half of Season 5, is being followed a month later by a spinoff, possibly starring Matthew McConaughey, there is a chance that the mothership will leave some threads dangling at the conclusion of its run — you know, to jump-start the franchise’s latest offshoot. In our dream scenario, however, co-creator Taylor Sheridan & Co. give closure to their main characters — yes, even if a bunch of them are just going to cross over to the new show, which 101 Studios CEO David Glasser has disclosed is “picking up where Yellowstone leaves off in another epic tale.”

Considering that the midseason finale wrapped with Jamie and Sarah plotting John and Beth’s murders, and John and Beth contemplating offing Jamie — read the full recap here — nobody’s story is likely to wrap with a group hug. “I can’t imagine it ending like that,” Wes Bentley (Jamie) told TVLine shortly after New Year. “It’s sort of like that quote George [R.R.] Martin gave about Game of Thrones: ‘If you think this has a happy ending, you’re not paying attention.’”

Read on to find out the questions to which we most desperately need answers, then hit the comments with the loose ends you want to see tied up.

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