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Danielle Cabral Unfollowed Her ‘Half-Ass Relation’ Caroline Manzo After Being Cast on RHONJ

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo is opening up about her step-niece Danielle Cabral. Viewers already know that Danielle was solidly on Team Teresa Giudice last season.

In fact, Caroline previously spoke out about Danielle in May 2023. She stated that Danielle has “got a lot of Teresa in her.” I’m assuming that means that no tables are safe in her vicinity.

Is that any way to treat family?

Caroline was a guest on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live. Host Jeff Lewis asked her, “So, besides Dolores [Catania], who else are you friends with on that cast?”

Caroline replied, “Well, Danielle Cabral is kind of like a half-ass relation.” She continued, “Andy [Cohen] had a conversation with me about her when they were considering her, and she is my brother’s daughter. Okay? My niece. My brother and his wife divorced many years ago and his wife remarried.” Caroline added, “The gentleman she remarried had two kids, one of those being Danielle Cabral.”

Although Caroline has known Danielle for over 20 years, they don’t have a tight relationship. “It’s like, ‘Hey, hey, nice to see you. Merry Christmas. Oh, Happy Easter.’ You know, one of those things,” Caroline explained. “I only see her at family events and stuff.”

Then Jeff asked, “But does she know that you facilitated her being on the show?” Caroline responded, “I don’t think she realized that until Andy said it. Yeah.”

Caroline also told Jeff that Danielle neglected to thank her. But before getting the role, Danielle did reach out to both Caroline and her daughter, Lauren Manzo.

“Well, she did originally when they were considering her, she called both myself and my daughter Lauren and, you know, ’What do you expect?’ and I was brutally honest with her,” the RHONJ alum said. “So was Lauren and then, you know, I guess she got the gig, whatever, and then strangely, she unfollowed all of us including my niece and everything, and never thanked anybody. Nothing.”

Both Jeff and Caroline commented on how odd it was for Danielle to unfollow them. Caroline admitted that she doesn’t know Danielle’s rationale. It could be that she didn’t want to enter the show attached to Caroline’s name.

“I’m glad she’s doing what she always wanted to do, and she always wanted to, you know, be in the public eye and stuff like that, so I’m glad she finally has the opportunity to do that and, you know, carry on,” Caroline said.


Buckle up for these RHUGT themes.

Danielle Cabral

Not the after-effects Danielle expected to have!

What does this mean?

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