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FLASHBACK: Judge Scolds Crooked Soros-Funded DA Fani Wilis in Court for Her Brazen, Partisan Lawlessness During Trump Investigation (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Crooked Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis is expected to indict President Trump on a new set of junk charges any day now.  The Biden Regime is likely waiting for the next criminal act by Joe Biden or his family to be revealed before they allow Willis to drop the hammer on Trump.

In the meantime – video resurfaced of a Georgia judge scolding Fani Willis in court for her partisan and lawless actions.

In July 2022, Judge Robert McBurney admonished Fani Willis in court for hosting a fundraiser for  Democratic candidate running against one of her potential targets.

Via Midnight Rider and Republican Reflections.

CNN reported on this lawless DA last year.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney, in a hearing Thursday, also criticized District Attorney Fani Willis for hosting a fundraiser for a Democratic candidate running against one of the investigation’s potential targets.

Thursday’s hearing turned on the efforts of one of the 16 – Georgia state Sen. Burt Jones – to disqualify Willis from any prosecution related to Jones due to Willis’ alleged conflict of interest and political bias.

Jones, a Republican, is currently running for lieutenant governor in Georgia against Democrat Charlie Bailey. Willis hosted a campaign fundraiser for Bailey last month and donated to his primary campaign earlier this year.

If Willis is not disqualified, Jones asked that any report from the special grand jury be sealed until after the November 8 election…

…Attorneys representing Jones argued that Willis’ political actions should disqualify her and suggested asking Georgia’s attorney general to appoint a new district attorney to oversee the case.

“I suspect given the list of good Democratic district attorneys in this state that we can find somebody who doesn’t have a conflict and hasn’t hosted a fundraiser for either one,” Jones’ attorney William Dillon argued Thursday. “Because certainly if somebody hosted a fundraiser for Senator Jones, the attorney general shouldn’t nominate that person either. Find somebody who doesn’t have a dog in the hunt. Fani Willis had a dog in this hunt.”

The Soros-funded Atlanta DA is still in charge of the case and is expected to hurl some more junk charges at Trump in the coming days or weeks.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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