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How To Get The Chicago Typewriter In Remnant 2

One of the Long Guns you can get in Remnant 2 is the Chicago Typewriter, a short-range weapon with a large magazine that looks like something out of a mafia movie. Sporting an extremely fast rate of fire, this gun is perfect for archetype builds looking to control crowds of enemies. Although not the most accurate firearm in the game, the Typewriter spreads enough bullets to deal plenty of damage.

Before you can even search for the Chicago Typewriter, your character needs to have the Biome Portal Keyquest item to unlock new areas. This key comes from The Labyrinth after you confront The Keeper for the first time during the events of Remnant 2‘s story. Reaching this point may seem different for many players since locations like The Labyrinth appear randomly with every new roll of the campaign or Adventure Mode.

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How To Find The Chicago Typewriter in Remnant 2

The Chicago Typewriter is found within the Ward 13 world, which acts as the main hub for any of your characters as you progress throughout the game. Unlike Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2 or other basic Long Guns, the Typewriter is not part of any archetype’s starting gear. Instead, you’ll have to explore Ward 13 using the Biome Portal Key to reach a spot named Leto’s Stash, which hosts the weapon.

Traveling to the Fractured Ingress checkpoint in Ward 13 puts you on the far right path past the stairs, along multiple bridges that form out of floating stones leading to a portal. You can easily get past the small Remnant 2 enemies here until you reach the portal, which glows purple in a circular archway. From here, go to the cliff past the portal and look down to see another portal hidden below that you must jump through.

If you jump through the wrong portal or get lost in Ward 13, open your map and travel back to the Fractured Ingress World Stone fast travel spot to start over.

You should see another portal to your left in a new area after jumping down; take this to another area with far more stone walls. Climb the walls by platforming up between exposed ledges to reach a small tunnel above another portal, which leads to a sealed door. This door is opened using the Biome Portal Key in Remnant 2, revealing a large room with scattered storage containers, with the Chicago Typewriter glowing purple near the center.

Leto’s Stash also has Leto’s Armor Set, a powerful set of gear that you can get along with the Chicago Typewriter to take on the enemies found in other worlds like Yaesha and Losomn in Remnant 2.

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