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Is Zombieverse Really Unscripted? (Signs It May Be Fake)


  • The show Zombieverse, featuring South Korean celebrities in a zombie apocalypse, presents some logistical questions for viewers, marring the unscripted claim.
  • While the cast’s initial reactions to the zombie onslaught may seem odd, the show still contains genuine moments that shock the cast members.
  • Actors playing zombies on Zombieverse stay in character, appearing terrifyingly realistic, but they never actually bite anyone as it’s all simulated.

Netflix’s newest series Zombieverse puts a group of South Korean celebrities together to see how they cope in a zombie apocalypse, but how real is the show? After being invited to a faux-premiere, the cast of Zombieverse get a moment to settle in and get to know one another before the zombies begin to attack. When they’re pushed into an experience they don’t seem prepared for, the cast is thrown for a loop and unsure on how to react. With stars that range from reality TV to talent shows and K-pop idols, the series has a huge cast of characters facing the unknown.

Though it’s obvious that the series isn’t showing off a real zombie apocalypse, some of the logistics behind the show are a bit fuzzy for viewers. The cast is thrown off by the entrance of zombies into their seemingly normal evening, but then readjust quickly to the fact that they’re dealing with a full-blown zombie apocalypse. Their readjustment feels odd for some viewers, who have become curious if the show is truly unscripted or if there are other machinations behind the scenes the viewers are unaware of.

Is Zombieverse Scripted Or Unscripted?

Although Zombieverse claims it’s an unscripted series, it’s possible that that’s not the case. The show claims to be entirely unscripted, but with the amount of stunt work and action that happens on the series, it’s possible that the cast knew they were coming into a different situation than what they were initially presented with. The show isn’t exactly scripted, as it definitely contains moments that shock the cast members and ultimately is a “reality” TV series, which means it’s not episodic or written ahead of time. Still, to call it unscripted entirely may be a disservice.

Who Are The “Zombies” On Zombieverse?

Actors play the zombies on Zombieverse, and they’re meant to stay entirely in character for the duration of the series. The actors who play the zombies are meant to give it their all, with blood dripping from their mouths and wounds applied with special effects makeup. They look tremendously realistic as they chase the cast around and threaten to bite them, turning them into fellow zombies. It’s likely worth noting that the zombies on Zombieverse never actually bite anyone, including their fellow actors, as everything is simulated.

What Did The Zombieverse Cast Know Ahead Of Filming?

Fukutomi Tsuki Zombieverse

The cast of Zombieverse claims they were invited to a premiere party when the “zombie apocalypse” created by the series begins. Though it’s never made clear if the cast are really aware that they’ll be on a show or not, it seems likely that they were at least aware that they weren’t going to a premiere. For the cast to be contracted and filmed for a series, there’s no way they could’ve just assumed they were going to a traditional event. Though there’s been no confirmation, it’s possible the cast of Zombieverse knew ahead of time they would be on the show.

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