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Pelosi dodges impeachment talk, NYT defends poisoned gov’t ‘institutions’ and more 

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This charge:

“[Republicans’ impeachment talk is] a diversionary tactic. They just can’t stand the fact that [the job market is doing well].”

— Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Aug. 4

We say: Actually, Republicans are talking about the job market — how inflation-adjusted wages have fallen 3%, for example.

They’re also talking about how prices are up 17% under Biden.

How his open-border policies are destroying cities.

How he has sown racial division, botched the Afghan pullout, censored social-media posts, targeted parents and Catholics and more.

Yet Americans also want to know about Biden family corruption, the $20 million-plus his family got from foreign sources and whether Joe Biden deserves impeachment.

It’s Democrats who want to “divert” talk from that. 

This scold:

“[Labeling] large gatherings [mob actions is] not appropriate.”

— Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, Aug. 2

We say: Johnson is besting George Orwell.

After teens rioted for the second time in days (fighting, damaging vehicles, smashing a window, looting) Chicago’s mayor aimed to downplay the mayhem, insisting “mob actions” be called merely “large gatherings” — out of respect for the rioters, of course.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson scolded a reporter for calling a recent riot “mob action” instead of a “large gathering.”
Kyle Mazza / SOPA Images/Sipa USA

Uh, how does he plan to end the insanity if he can’t even admit what it is?

This story:

“Like Trump, G.O.P. Rivals Feed Distrust in Vital U.S. Institutions”

— The New York Times, Tuesday

We say: So much for the Gray Lady serving as a watchdog on government.

The paper admits voters worry that government institutions aren’t doing their jobs fairly and effectively, yet it pretends it’s not their fault — it’s just those evil Republicans feeding lies to voters.

Sorry: The Justice Department has run a two-tiered system. Team Biden has attempted to censor.

Schools are hotbeds of liberalism that try to shut out parents. The CDC did mislead the public. The military has gone woke.

Voters are worried not because Republicans tell them to worry, but because these institutions have real problems.

This quip:

Representative Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) speaking at a Members Day hearing of the House Veterans Affairs Committee at the U.S. Capitol.
Rep. Jasmine Crockett said that Republicans who defend former President Donald Trump are close to “criminal.”
Alamy Live News.

“[Republicans defending Donald Trump] are really getting dangerously close, in my opinion, to criminal culpability in and of themselves.” 

— Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-Texas), Saturday

We say: How typical for a Democrat to see free speech as “close” to “criminal.”

Whether or not you think Trump deserves support in the face of the charges against him, his defenders are legally allowed to express their views.

It’s called the First Amendment.

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This story originally appeared on NYPost

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