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Samsung Galaxy S23 owners can test One UI 6 features early

Samsung is giving Galaxy S23 owners the chance to be among the first users to see and try One UI 6. The tech giant has launched a beta program for its take on Android 14, which welcomes Galaxy S23 owners from the United States, Germany and its home country of South Korea. Participants are expected to provide feedback during the program, and Samsung says it intends to incorporate changes based on their comments to create “a richer, more intuitive experience for all.”

The company promises a more modern look and feel for the new UI. It rearranged the Quick Panel’s layout and put more shortcuts on one screen to give people quicker access to the features they use the most. If they want to go to the full Quick Panel, users could simply swipe down once from the upper right corner of their screen instead of having to swipe down twice. And if they simply want to adjust their screen’s brightness, they no longer have to open the full Quick Panel — the setting is now available in the compact version of the panel that shows up upon swiping down once from the top of their phone. 

In addition to those changes, One UI 6 gives users a way to set different lock screens for different Modes, “such as a calming photo of a forest in Sleep Mode,” the company suggests. Users will find a new camera widget, as well, allowing them to preselect storage locations for each mode used, so that they could have a cleaner and more well-organized gallery. 

Samsung has historically given its Galaxy S customers first access to its upcoming skins based on the latest Android platform. The beta program for One UI 6 opens today, and like in the past, Galaxy S23 owners in the three aforementioned countries can take part by submitting their registrations through the Samsung Members app. 

This story originally appeared on Engadget

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