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Tenant Blasts HGTV Star Tarek El Moussa Over Controversial Condo Project

HGTV star Tarek El Moussa is building a 138-unit apartment building on a plot of land in Los Angeles, but the current tenants living in the area are not happy about it.

The area in North Hollywood is currently occupied by ten bungalows, five dingbat apartments, one single-family house, and additional burned-out buildings. A number of tenants previously told the Los Angeles Times that El Moussa is evicting them so that he can knock down the properties and build the new apartment complex.

Last Friday, August 4, El Moussa released a statement on Instagram addressing the situation, claiming that the current owner (Arthur Aslanian) served the eviction notices, not him or his partners of the NoHo 138 project.

“Please let me clear something up regarding a new project. I am one of the partners of NoHo 138 working on purchasing the Hartsook property in North Hollywood for redevelopment,” the reality star wrote. “Even though I am being dragged for false accusations and misconceptions, my intentions are to do good, and I hope that we can focus on the positive and the facts.”

“The partners of NoHo 138 have attempted to get in touch with the remaining tenants to have an amicable discussion regarding final move out agreements,” he continued. “The partners of Noho 138 have also reached out to the attorney representing the Hartsook tenants to request assistance in facilitating a meeting between both parties. Our intentions are to work with the tenants to offer a great opportunity for them while helping to improve the neighborhood.”

However, in a new interview with People, Clare Letmon, an organizer and tenant of the Hartsook Street bungalows, blasted El Moussa’s statement.

“He basically called us liars,” Letmon said, adding that while the Flipping El Moussas star might not have personally issued the eviction notices, the current owner did so to facilitate El Moussa’s project.

Letmon also claimed that the tenants have not had direct contact with El Moussa since July 14 despite multiple requests for a meeting. She also claimed that El Moussa blocked the Hartsook Tenants Association on social media and stopped replying to any of their emails after July 14.

Following Letmon’s claims, a rep for El Moussa told People that the residents’ lawyer has responded to the NoHo 138 partners, and a meeting will be set up as soon as possible.

In addition, Letmon alleged that the NoHo 138 developers have falsely claimed they have no relationship with Aslanian, who is being investigated for criminal conduct. However, the company responsible for designing the new building, Sam Aslanian Architect Inc, belongs to Aslanian’s brother.

“It would be incredibly heartbreaking to watch this place get bulldozed — and the trees, and the garden, and just the history that’s here,” Letmon added.

This story originally appeared on TV Insider

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