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The Chainsmokers’ Artist-in-Residence Program Will Pay Rent for 1 Year – Billboard

Before they were rich and famous and dwelling in mansions, The Chainsmokers were just two dudes trying to make it as musicians in New York City.

Understanding how hard it can be to keep the lights on in the city while producing new music, the duo is now co-sponsoring a new artist-in-residence program in New York City that aims to help an emerging artist focus on music while eschewing the stress of paying rent.

Being launched in collaboration with The Blumenfeld Group, The Chainsmokers’ own JAJA Tequila and creative agency NOISE, this artist-in-residence program will provide the winner with a free apartment equipped with a music studio at apartment building The Smile. Located in Harlem, it was designed by architect Bjarke Ingels and is named for its curved design.



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The 794-square-foot apartment unit was designed by The Chainsmokers themselves, and features dining, working, sleeping and living room spaces.

“We started our careers in New York City and our experiences living in the city really shaped us into who we are today,” The Chainsmokers tell Billboard in a joint statement. “The city is fun and inspiring, but we also know all too well how expensive it can be to live there, especially as a new artist.”

“For the longest time we worked out of a shoebox-sized apartment making music every day,” the pair continue. “We’re so excited to offer a talented artist the chance to thrive by providing a free apartment with a music studio at The Smile for a year.” 

The program is currently accepting applications, which require would-be winners to submit some basic information along with a TikTok. You can apply for it here.

“At NOISE we love working with clients who are willing to think outside the box. Especially those who are not only willing to push boundaries in their respective industries but also are excited to create culture-forward and impactful campaigns –– David [Blumenfeld] and the entire team at BDG are one of those clients,” says Joe Laresca, founder and CEO of NOISE and creator of this campaign. “This is definitely out of the norm for a real estate company, and of course, partnering with The Chainsmokers is iconic, but being able to change an artist’s life and career trajectory is something we’re really proud of.”

This story originally appeared on Billboard

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