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These money and investing tips give your portfolio room to run

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Market bears are on the prowl and stocks are in danger

Watch the VIX, which typically rises from August to October, when VIX peaks and the stock market bottoms. Read More

Tackle this pricey market with cheap banking, media, insurance and auto stocks

Here are 12 stocks in low-priced sectors. Read More

You can invest in market winners and still lose big. Here’s how to avoid the hit.

Understand that mutual funds carry both style risk and the risk of the portfolio’s holdings. Read More

Rivian, Lucid and XPeng make the list of 20 EV companies expected to grow sales most quickly through 2025

A screen of stocks in industries related to EVs and autonomous driving highlights companies expected to grow most quickly from elevated 2023 baselines. Read More

20 EV stocks that are expected to soar at least 38%, even after this year’s rebound

A screen of 144 stocks in industries related to electric vehicles and autonomous driving shows analysts expect the high-tech build-out to continue. Read More

About that U.S. credit downgrade: Fitch is on to something

The United States’ long-term credit rating isn’t going to get any better, writes Chuck Jaffe. Read More

These dividend stocks yield as much as 11% while meeting strict criteria for estimated cash flow

A look at estimates through 2025 provides some comfort to investors that these companies will be able to raise their dividend payouts. Read More

This is what tech companies, from Amazon to Apple, just told investors about AI  

These companies fared best in the second-quarter and have the most compelling AI story for the long term. Read More

These 20 companies are big winners this earnings season. What do analysts think about their stocks?

These companies increased sales by double digits while improving their profit margins. Read More

‘Startups no longer are $100 bills on the sidewalk.’ Venture capital is suffering even as the U.S. stock market is surging.

Investors are becoming cynical about startups and the venture capital firms that fund them. Read More

The market needs a lot more to worry about for stocks to rise from here

The best you can expect right now is a rally that lasts a few sessions and then fizzles. Read More

Here’s the real story of next year’s Social Security COLA

Many are guilty of inflation illusion when judging whether the Social Security COLA is adequate. Read More

How to be a contrarian stock investor: This market pro shares his secrets.

These 3 tactics contribute to this contrarian-minded mutual fund’s outperformance. Read More

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