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11 The Boys Characters We Think Could Be Season 4’s Main Villain (If Not Homelander)


  • Victoria Neuman, an anti-supe politician with dangerous powers, could become the main villain in The Boys season 4 as she aims to become the next Vice President.
  • Hughie’s long-lost mother, speculated to be a Vought supe, may emerge in season 4 as a new antagonist, adding a personal twist to the story.
  • It is possible that characters like Soldier Boy, Stormfront, and even Billy Butcher could take on villainous roles in season 4, showcasing their dark sides and adding complexity to the narrative.

Homelander has been the main villain in all three seasons of The Boys so far, but these 11 characters could take his place if The Boys season 4 decides to go in a different direction. Although Homelander’s villainy is iconic, with his character being one of the most recognizable aspects of the show, it’s possible that The Boys‘ Homelander-centric story could get a little stale after three seasons. Luckily, the show has set up plenty of other antagonists that could take Homelander’s place, with these 11 characters possibly becoming the main villain of The Boys season 4 if Homelander is sidelined.

The Boys season 4 is one of the most anticipated TV seasons currently in production, with it following up on season 3 of Amazon Prime’s beloved superhero satire series. Details on The Boys season 4 are still slim, with story and episode details being kept heavily under wraps. While some new characters have been announced, one of the biggest mysteries surrounds how season 4 will follow up on the ending of The Boys season 3, with the conclusion possibly setting up some new villains for the upcoming episodes. So, here are 11 characters who seem likely to take over Homelander’s villainous spot in season 4.

11 Victoria Neuman

The most obvious character who could become the main villain in The Boys season 4 is Victoria Neuman. Neuman is an adamantly anti-supe politician who, despite her public appearance, is secretly a supe. Neuman’s head-popping abilities have been revealed to Hughie and the other members of The Boys, and season 4 will most likely follow up on this revelation. Neuman is gearing up to be the next Vice President of the United States, and her powers and connections to Vought could make her a dangerous season 4 foe.

10 Hughie’s Mother

Jack Quaid as Hughie opening jar in The Boys

Hughie’s mother has been case in The Boys season 4, with actress Rosemarie DeWitt playing the character in the upcoming batch of episodes. Earlier in the show, Hughie explains that his mom mysteriously disappeared when he was a child, although this mystery hasn’t been explored further. It has been heavily speculated that Hughie’s mother left her family to become a Vought supe, meaning that she could appear in season 4 as an all-new supe antagonist.

9 Soldier Boy

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3 finale

Although Soldier Boy was an antagonistic force in The Boys season 3, he wasn’t really a villain for most of the season’s run. He helped Hughie and Butcher throughout the show in their attempt to take down Homelander, making him more of an antihero. However, Soldier Boy seems to ally with Homelander at the end of the season, meaning that the man out of time could become the main villain in The Boys season 4, enacting revenge on The Boys as well as Vought.

8 Stormfront

The Boys: Stormfront flying in Manhattan

Although she purportedly dies in season 3, one popular theory that has been making the rounds proposes that Stormfront is actually alive in The Boys season 4. According to the theory, Stormfront faked her own death and is working alongside Stan Edgar to take down Homelander and regain control of Vought. Stormfront was one of the main villains of season 2, and while she plays a pretty minor role in season 3, it would be fun to see the antagonist return to the limelight once again in season 4.

7 Billy Butcher

Karl Urban in The Boys

Although Billy Butcher is one of the main members of The Boys, his role as a protagonist has started to diminish in season 3. Butcher has become obsessed with killing Homelander, with him hurting those around him and even being willing to become the thing that he hates the most: a supe. Butcher’s actions have torn the members of The Boys apart, and if he continues down this path, he could end up becoming a villain in The Boys season 4.

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6 Stan Edgar

Giancarlo Esposito as Stan Edgar in The Boys

Although he isn’t a supe, Stan Edgar was one of the most powerful characters in The Boys, as he was the CEO of Vought International. However, Homelander had him fired in The Boys season 3, but Edgar isn’t the type to take this challenge sitting down. Stan Edgar clearly has a plan to get his position back, and as the man behind the company that makes The Boys‘ villainous supes, he could be a dangerous force in season 4.

5 Ryan Butcher

Ryan Butcher from The Boys

Ryan Butcher is the biological son of Homelander, and while Billy Butcher seemed to have the young supe on track, Homelander has completely pulled him off course. At the end of The Boys season 3, Ryan seems to love being the subject of praise from the far-right, with the child even approving Homelander’s murder of a protestor. Ryan is likely to follow the same path that his father has, meaning that he could be a huge villain in the future of The Boys.

4 Cindy

The supes sage grove center cindy the boys

Cindy is a forgotten character from The Boys season 2, but she is likely to come back in a big way in season 4. Cindy was a test subject at the Sage Grove Center who escaped in season 2, with her ability to manipulate pressure making her incredibly dangerous and almost unkillable. Despite season 2 making her seem like a major threat, Cindy didn’t reappear in The Boys season 3. It is possible that Cindy could finally return in The Boys season 4, with the season following The Boys’ attempts to take down the roaming supervillain.

3 Sister Sage

Sister Sage and Homelander

Sister Sage is a new character who will be appearing in The Boys season 4, and while not much is known about her, she is probably a villain. Sister Sage’s supe status certainly shows she has a sinister storyline that will play out in season 4, putting her in good company with the show’s other supes. So, while her motivations and role in the story aren’t known yet, she’s sure to be trouble for The Boys.

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2 Firecracker

Firecracker and Homelander in The Boys

The other original supe that has been announced for The Boys season 4 is Firecracker, and it’s possible that she could be the season’s main villain as well. The new Vought hero may join The Seven, or she may just be an independent supe. Either way, she is likely to have a villainous streak, with her possibly even teaming up with Sister Sage. Her fire-based powers will most likely make her an incredibly dangerous villain in The Boys season 4.

1 Tek-Knight

Derek Wilson as Tek-Knight in The Boys Gen V trailer

The final The Boys character who could be the main villain in season 4 is actually a character from the comics: Tek-Knight. Tek-Knight is a Iron Man parody who first appears in The Boys comic series, although he is mentioned in all three seasons of The Boys. The character will finally appear in Gen V, and with his role in The Boys season 4 being confirmed, it seems likely that he could be the overarching villains of the season. Each season of The Boys has introduced a new comic book villain, meaning that Tek-Knight may follow in the footsteps of Stormfront and Soldier Boy in The Boys season 4.

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