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AOC inflation lie hurts the people she represents: New Yorkers

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Bx./Qns.) can’t stop lying about the effects of her beloved progressive policies. 

She’s now stooped to circulating conspiracy theories alleging inflation is mere “propaganda,” a smokescreen for greedy corporate stockholders. (This echoes an old Biden admin talking point, one so absurd even the prez and his flacks have abandoned it.) 

Keep in mind that thanks to President Biden’s ruinous economic policies, cumulative inflation is up 15% since he came into office, with the figure for food, mortgage, utilities and other essentials closer to 25%.

AOC’s Bronx and Queens constituents are — unsurprisingly — not buying one word. 

Is AOC crazy?” asked The Bronx’s Latisha Law. “Has she been to a grocery store recently?” 

I used to be able to buy twice as much food for the same price I paid today,” said Sergio Acevedo, another beleaguered Bronx dweller. 

The median Bronx household income is about $44,000; AOC’s House job pays a juicy $174,000.

She’s far more insulated from price shock, in other words, than the people who put her in office. 

Which is doubtless why she’s among the loudest backers of the endless federal spending that fired up our current inflation conflagration. 

Her main problem with Biden’s economic policy is that he doesn’t spend enough on wacko green projects and various other social-justice causes.  

But remember: This is the same legislator who wore a TAX THE RICH gown to the Met Gala she had likely illegally accepted tickets for and then stiffed the designer of her dress and her stylist. 

So it’s no surprise she’s 100% out of touch with her own voters.

Indeed, she’s so out of touch with the people she’s answerable to that when The Post asked constituents about her, most didn’t know who she was. 

It’s the classic prog attitude: Unless the problem hurts me, or confirms my biases, anyone who claims to be suffering from it is a dupe or a liar

AOC should not be in Congress,” said Jean Torres, another Bronxite. “She’s not helping us, she’s hurting us with her rhetoric and her policies.”

That’s for darn sure. And it’s looking like more and more of her voters are getting the message. 

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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