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Chuck Schumer’s response to NYC migrant nightmare is lame

Sen. Chuck Schumer denies he’s MIA on the border crisis that threatens, as Mayor Eric Adams puts it, to “destroy” Gotham.

Yet the “fixes” Chuck says he’s pushing ignore the chief problem — President Joe Biden’s open-border policies — and would actually worsen the nightmare.

“I have been working at the highest levels, delivering funds for New York,” the Senate majority leader told The Post Sunday.

“I’ve publicly pushed the administration to accelerate and expand work authorization.”

Sorry, Chuck. A lack of cash or work permits for migrants is not what’s causing a flood of migrants to overrun New York (and elsewhere).

Rather, it’s Biden’s “invitación” for any and all comers to race on over.

And Democrats’ mindless calls to accommodate them generously, at US citizens’ expense, only makes Biden’s offer more attractive.

Schumer’s “fixes” fuel that dynamic.

In fact, no pol should even hint of faster work permits — or more aid — before the border is sealed tight.

Biden swung open the gates; he can close them if he truly wants to.

Remember, no one was warning the city would be “destroyed” without more aid back when Donald Trump was president and kept the border closed.

Nor, for that reason, can hard-left Dems and their media puppets fairly blame the crisis on GOPers’ refusal to cave on “comprehensive immigration reform” — by which they mean: essentially legalizing everyone who wants to come here.

(The United Nations says nearly 4 billion people live in poverty worldwide; are Americans supposed to let them all in — and support them?)

Not that the left won’t try: “G.O.P. Gets the Democratic Border Crisis It Wanted,” snarked a New York Times headline Saturday, claiming righties actually “want” the border open so they can attack Dems.


This is a mess of the Dems’ own making; they just can’t say no to their “let them all in” wing.

Heck, Dems could strip the GOP of the issue entirely if they wanted — simply by securing the border.

When Chuck talks about working at ’the highest levels’ and focuses on the red herring issues of work permits, what it really means is he’s scared to tell the public the truth that Biden wrought this chaos for fear of criticizing his own party.

Meanwhile, condescending talk of behind the scenes deals being hammered out in back rooms is not a substitute for transparent leadership. It’s a tired act that won’t fool voters any more and just feeds the suspicion around elites cutting deals in secret (or doing nothing at all).

Speak publicly what you think. That is why you have been chosen to represent the public.

Adams, meanwhile, is right that the city’s in trouble.

He’s ordered yet another round of budget cuts: 5% at every agency by November, and as much as 10% more early next year without a federal bailout.

Again, even Uncle Sam doesn’t have enough dough to accommodate the entire world’s poor.

Restoring order at the border is the only real solution.

This story originally appeared on NYPost

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