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CNN Host Stuns New Mexico’s Democrat Governor, Reads State Constitution Live on Air to Push Back on Her Gun Grab (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

New Mexico’s Democrat governor Michelle Lujan Grisham isn’t getting the support she thought she would get from fellow leftists after she unilaterally suspended Second Amendment rights in Albuquerque.

Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on Friday declared gun violence a public health emergency in response to the shooting deaths of a thirteen-year-old girl on July 28, a five-year-old girl on August 14, and an eleven-year-old boy on September 6.

“The action plan includes a suspension of open and concealed carry laws in Bernalillo County, temporarily prohibiting the carrying of guns on public property with certain exceptions. Exceptions include for licensed security guards and law enforcement officers. Citizens with permits to carry firearms are free to possess their weapons on private property (such as at a gun range or gun store), provided they transport the firearm in a locked box, use a trigger lock, or some other mechanism that renders the gun incapable of being fired,” according to the press release.

Far-left Democrats and gun grabbers like David Hogg aren’t even supporting Grisham’s gun grab.

Grisham appeared on CNN to discuss her unconstitutional order.

CNN host Poppy Harlow point blank asked Grisham where she has the right to suspend the Second Amendment. Grisham was not expecting this kind of pushback from CNN.

“We also have, Governor, the Constitution … and you’re an attorney. Do you think you’re on solid constitutional ground?” CNN host Poppy Harlow asked Grisham.

“I have the right,” Grisham said.

“But where is the right?” Poppy Harlow asked.

“We’ll see what all of these court actions do,” Grisham said admitting she broke the law.

Poppy Harlow stunned Grisham when she actually read the New Mexico Constitution live on air.

“No law shall abridge the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms for security and defense for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes, but nothing herein shall be held to permit the carrying of concealed weapons. No municipality of county shall regulate, in any way, an incident of the right to keep and bear arms,” Poppy Harlow said citing New Mexico Constitution Article II – Bill of Rights § 6 Right to Bear Arms.

Grisham went right into her Marxist talking points and Poppy Harlow interrupted her to cite Supreme Court rulings.


In response to the unconstitutional order Sheriff John Allen from Bernalillo County north of Albuquerque announced he would not comply with the unconstitutional order.

On Saturday, State Reps. Stefani Lord and John Block called for the impeachment of Governor Grisham.

“This emergency order violates the Governor’s oath to protect and defend the rights of New Mexicans and is illegal in nature. The legislature has a duty to intervene when the government is overstepping its boundaries, and Governor Grisham’s order and comments disqualify her from continuing her tenure as Governor,” the Reps wrote in a press release.

“I’m calling on counsel to begin the impeachment process against Governor Grisham,” Rep. Lord said. “This is an abhorrent attempt at imposing a radical, progressive agenda on an unwilling populous. Rather than addressing crime at its core, Governor Grisham is restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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