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Zeus, the world’s tallest dog, has died aged three, Guinness World Records says | Offbeat News

Zeus, the world’s tallest male dog, has died from complications following treatment for bone cancer, Guinness World Records has said.

The Great Dane, who stood at one metre tall, was awarded the title in 2022. He was three years old and would have turned four in November.

He died from pneumonia following surgery to remove his front right leg after his cancer was discovered by vets.

Zeus and Brittany. Pic: Guinness World Records

He passed away in the early hours of Tuesday, with his head in his “loving owner Brittany’s lap”, Donnie Davis, Brittany’s father, said.

Brittany, from Bedford, Texas, said on Guinness World Records’ website: “We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our beloved dog, Zeus, the Guinness World Records title holder for the tallest living male dog. Zeus died Tuesday morning of amputation-related pneumonia.

Zeus and family. Pic: Guinness World Records
Pic: Guinness World Records

“Zeus was a truly special dog. He was gentle, loving, very stubborn but always happy to see his family and many, many friends on his adventures around Dallas & Fort Worth.

“Zeus packed a lot of life into three short years and was primed to beat cancer’s butt.

“Zeus had the absolute best doctors and nurses working around the clock to help him, but in the end, he was just too sick.”

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Brittany set up a fundraising campaign to get him the best possible treatment after his illness was discovered.

Zeus, who was “very laid back”, Brittany said, was a gift from her brother, at eight weeks old.

She had always wanted a Great Dane.

He was a well-known character around Dallas and Fort Worth and people would often ask if they could ride him like a horse, when they saw him out on walkies, she said.

The answer, of course, was always “no”.

Zeus with his award. Pic: Guinness World Records
Zeus with his award. Pic: Guinness World Records

Zeus was “very laid back” but also strong-minded, and so tall that he’d drink out of the kitchen sink and would even steal food off the counters when he was feeling mischievous.

Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records, said: “Zeus always brought a smile to our faces – he was such a larger-than-life character and spread joy wherever he went.

“That’s why it was so sad to hear that he was unwell, and now we’re heartbroken to learn of his untimely passing.”

This story originally appeared on Skynews

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