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Daniela Klette: One of Europe’s most wanted fugitives arrested in Germany after decades on the run | World News

A former member of a disbanded militant group linked to robberies and attempted murder has been arrested in Germany after more than 30 years on the run.

Daniela Klette, 65, offered no resistance as she was detained in a Berlin flat on Monday evening, said Friedo de Vries, head of the criminal investigation department in Lower Saxony.

Klette was found alone and police also seized a pistol, two magazines and cartridges in the apartment block in the Kreuzberg district of the capital.

Police officers search a flat in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. Pic: AP

Ms de Vries also said there had been a second arrest in Berlin, but the person’s identity had not yet been confirmed.

Klette was later taken by helicopter to a jail in the northern German city of Bremen.

She was a member of the left-wing Red Army Faction (RAF), whose violent campaign against what it said was US imperialism and capitalist oppression of workers, left 34 people dead and hundreds more injured.

Police have been hunting her for years, along with her former colleagues, Ernst-Volker Staub and Burkhard Garweg, who were all put on Europol’s Europe’s Most Wanted list in 2020.

Authorities stepped up their efforts to detain the fugitives after receiving a tip-off from the public in November.

That led to an appeal on a popular TV crime show two weeks ago, which brought in 250 further tips that police are still working through.

The trio have been linked to at least 12 robberies in northern Germany between 1999 and 2016 and are also wanted for attempted murder.

Their alleged heists were carried out to raise funds, rather than for political motives, authorities believe.

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The Red Army Faction emerged from German student protests against the Vietnam War, but declared itself disbanded in 1998.

File - (FRA107-March 28, 1993) Darmstadt - Germany (AP) This aerial view taken Sunday shows the heavily damaged building of the newly-built prison at Weiterstadt a suburban of Darmstadt. Bombs set off by the leftis terrorist Red Army Faction gang Saturday morning caused such extensive damage  amounting to 100 million Marks (61 US dlrs) that the prison will have to be torn down and reconstructed. No one was injured in the attack. (AP-Photo/Fotopres) 28.3.1993
The aftermath of the bombing of the newly-built prison in Darmstadt in 1993. Pic: AP

The group was behind the 1993 bombing of a newly-built prison in Darmstadt, south of Frankfurt. No one was injured in the attack which was the RAF’s last major act before it dissolved.

This story originally appeared on Skynews

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