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DC Reveals the True Horror of Superman’s Worst Enemy


  • Bizarro’s recent upgrade has turned Metropolis into a chaotic nightmare, with everyone acting in complete opposition to how they normally would. Superman is powerless to stop the destruction.
  • Bizarro’s spell has transformed everyone, including Superman, into Bizarro-like beings, causing mayhem and death throughout the city. Metropolis is in danger of being destroyed.
  • Bizarro has become a truly terrifying threat to Superman and his city, as his backward mentality and spell spread like a virus. Even Superman isn’t safe from Bizarro’s dangerous attack.

Warning! Preview pages ahead for Action Comics #1062One of Superman’s most underrated villains has revealed just how terrifying he truly is. Out of all of the Man of Steel’s terrifying foes, Bizarro has never ranked as one of his most intimidating. However, a recent upgrade has allowed Clark’s backward-themed nemesis to start a horrifying new reign in the DC Universe.

In a preview for Action Comics #1062 by Jason Aaron and John Timms, Metropolis is transformed by the wave of magic unleashed by Bizarro. Everyone in and around the city turns into a Bizarro and acts accordingly. Chaos and death spread across the city as everyone acts in the complete opposite way they normally would.

From criminals on the loose to children in danger, Superman is powerless to stop his city from turning on its head. The transformed Clark simply laughs as flames engulf the Daily Planet and the rest of Metropolis’ citizens turn their city into a living nightmare.

Bizarro Has Transformed Superman’s City Into an Upside Down Nightmare

Bizarro hadn’t been seen in sometime, but he came back with a vengeance when he discovered the Bizarro World had gone missing. Bizarro accidentally crashed in the Sorcerer’s World, where he accidentally received a magic upgrade, making him more powerful than ever. Upset and frustrated over the loss of his world Bizarro came to Metropolis and began casting spells using powerful arcane relics. While Superman was able to stop his backward nemesis, the hero was too late to save Metropolis’ citizens from being transformed by Bizarro’s spell, which turned everyone, including Superman, into a Bizarro-like being.

Out of all of Superman’s rogues, Bizarro isn’t usually considered one of the most intimidating. But the spell he’s placed Metropolis under shows just how horrifying he truly is. His spell has made everyone’s morality, judgment, and sense of personal safety do a complete 180-degree turn. This new Bizarro World is dangerous and likely won’t last long. Metropolis’ newly ‘Bizzaroed’ citizens are killing one another left and right and destroying everything in sight due to their new mentality making them act in the opposite manner. If Superman doesn’t do something, Bizarro’s spell could be the end of Metropolis.

Bizarro Has Elevated Himself and Become a Terrifying Superman Villain

Bizarro Superman Deadly Opposite DC

Bizarro might not be around to see the results of his work, but his backward mentality is spreading like a virus and doing Doomsday-level damage to Metropolis. Worse yet, Superman is also infected by Bizarro’s spell and not in a position to save anyone. Rarely has Bizarro ever been a true threat to Clark’s home. But now he’s taken things up a notch by transforming Metropolis into a city of people like him. Someone better act quickly, because if one thing’s become apparent, it’s that even Superman’s city isn’t safe from Bizarro’s most dangerous attack yet.

Action Comics #1062 is available on February 13th from DC Comics.

Action Comics #1062 (2024)


  • Writer: Jason Aaron
  • Artists: John Timms
  • Colorists: Rex Lokus
  • Letterer: Dave Sharpe
  • Cover Artist: John Timms

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