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Do Texts Reveal Trevor Was in Secret Relationship During Filming?

Screenshots from a supposed text chain between Love Is Blind Season 6’s Trevor Sova and a woman named Natalia Marrero imply that Trevor was in a secret relationship while filming in the pods.

The screenshots were posted on The Reality Ashley’s Instagram account on February 22. The first photo in the carousel alleges that “Love Is Blind S6’s Trevor Sova was in a serious relationship while filming, up until two weeks ago.” The subsequent photos are apparent texts between Trevor and Natalia. The texts imply that Natalia knew Trevor was leaving to film Season 6, production on which began in March 2023.

Further texts seem to show Trevor and Natalia reconnecting after he got his phone back once filming the pods came to an end. They also mention Chelsea Blackwell, whom Trevor fell in love with in the pods, as well as his dog (also named Chelsea), whom he mentioned on various pod dates, and showed Trevor’s apparent intention to marry the woman he was texting.

TV Insider reached out to Trevor and Love Is Blind for comment on the validity of the texts and if production was aware of Trevor’s alleged other relationship.

The texts begin on March 26, 2023. The first message is said to be from Trevor and reads, “I love you so much honey. I’m excited for it but more excited to get back to you after and start our life together.” A reply from Natalia reads, “Did you find other ppl [people] on plane doing the show,” implying she had knowledge of his casting.

Trevor’s reported reply says that he met another man from the show on a flight and they “established why we are here and agreed on it.” That reason, per the texts, was “no matter what we are not getting married lol.”

The next screenshot jumps to April 5, 2023, seemingly when Trevor got his phone back after the pods experiment was over. Supposed texts from Trevor say, “I love you more than anything in this world” and “I’m going to marry you.” She said “I can’t wait.”

Then came messages detailing experiences with Chelsea in the pods. The comments align with what viewers saw in the series. In Season 6 Part 1, which premiered on Valentine’s Day, Trevor and Chelsea shared a good connection and nearly got engaged until Chelsea chose to leave with Jimmy Presnell. Trevor showed Chelsea his dog’s collar in the pods during one of their dates. In an Instagram video on his own page shared on February 17, Trevor clarified that the dog collar for his pet, also named Chelsea, wasn’t a gift for his date, rather a sentimental object that the series asked cast members to bring with them during filming.

Trevor brought the collar to the pods because his dog was sick with cancer at the time. As explained in the video, and as shown in the text screenshots, his pet died while he was in the pods. Lack of access to his phone barred him from finding out this information in real time. The screenshots address the collar. Natalia says bringing that item “is very cute.”


“I hope you know how much I love you,” Trevor’s supposed next text says. “And had to pretend that this wasn’t real life to say anything I said.” Her response reads, “It’s OK pumpkin.”

The next screenshot implies there was a disagreement of some kind. Based on the texts, there’s seems to have been a week of no talking between these two, and a serious conversation had to be had. The texts are dated sometime around February 2, 2024.

“I do respect you. I wouldn’t intentionally ruin things and push you away if I didn’t know that you deserve 10x better than me,” a supposed text from Trevor reads.

Trevor hasn’t been seen in Love Is Blind Season 6 Part 2, but the trailer for Part 3 shows him and Chelsea reconnecting at a barbeque. It also shows Chelsea in a wedding dress. Some fans have wondered, given the relationship troubles between Chelsea and Jimmy and their fights teased in the trailer, if Chelsea ends up walking down the aisle to Trevor instead.

Love Is Blind, Season 6 Episodes 10-11, Wednesday, February 28, Netflix

This story originally appeared on TV Insider

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