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How your sleeping position can tell how secure your relationship is

There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep. But do you fidget when it comes to getting some shut-eye or are you more of a duvet hugger?

Well, new research has found which sleeping position is the most common when it comes to couples.

And it seems, certain positions can help you get more sleep than others as well as tell you a lot about your relationship.

Some sleeping positions are new to us while we’re pretty sure we have done half of them in one night.

According to Eve Sleep, they’ve found the 10 most popular sleeping positions favoured by couples.

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Here’s what they’ve found and the meaning behind them:

  • Back-to-backers (sleep back-to-back)
  • Spooners (both on one side with one cuddling up to the other)
  • Pet blocks (pet sleeps in the middle)
  • Selfish caterpillars (one person stealing the duvet)
  • Face-to-facers (pretty much nose-to-nose)
  • Bear huggers (hugging face to face)
  • Starfish (both on their back with arms and legs wide apart)
  • Cliffhangers (One person taking over the space of the bed)
  • Loners (Never touching in bed)
  • Top and tailers (Sleeping at opposite ends of the bed)

The most popular sleeping position was back-to-backers so much for romantic cuddles in bed. This position sees couples laying on their sides with their backs facing one another.

However, despite this being a position where you don’t even face one another, the research found those sleeping this way had the most secure relationships. 

It might not feel like the most romantic sleeping position – you literally can’t even see each other – but the couples who sleep like this are actually closer than ever.

Meanwhile, 74 percent of those who slept in a spooning position had the most loving relationship. 

For pet blocks they found 83 percent of them had the most mellow relationship with their partner. This is despite a furry animal being in bed between them while they sleep.

So, which of these positions do you and your partner sleep in?

This story originally appeared on Express.co.uk

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