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Joe Biden is abandoning ally Ukraine amid budget issues: Letters

The Issue: President Biden’s failure to adequately support and gradual abandonment of Ukraine.

I read the piece on the loss of credibility that the United States will suffer if it abandons Ukraine (“America Falling Short,” Dalibor Rohac, Post­ Opinion, Feb. 24).

Consider the last 50 years. Washington abandoned South Vietnam, abandoned the Kurds and Northern Alliance numerous times, abandoned Libya after overthrowing its government, abandoned Somalia, abandoned the Iraqis multiple times and abandoned many in Afghanistan after both the Soviet withdrawal and the more recent Biden debacle.

Not since Kuwait has the United States stuck through for a successful result; that was 34 years ago.

Francis Rushford


Biden’s foreign policy has been an absolute disaster. His inability to control the border and his retreat from Afghanistan send enemies like Russia a clear message: there is absolutely no resolve to check wanton aggression. If Biden’s track record is an indication of our response to the next crisis, it will not end well for us or the other freedom-loving people in the world, like Ukraine.

Kevin Collins

Venice, Fla.

North Korea and Iran are dutifully supplying military equipment to Russia. But the United States is wavering on its commitments to Ukraine.

Are we serving those who seek freedom? Are we living up to our values? Or are we merely paying lip service to them?

Daniel Dolgicer


If Ukraine has no money for bullets, then President Volodymyr Zelensky should consider using his personal wealth. When did Ukraine become the 51st state? They had 33 years to prepare for this situation, so it should not be America’s problem.

US citizens could have reduced-cost health care with the money Ukraine has received. It’s time we as Americans come first.

Storm Destro

Bayonne, NJ

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