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Joshua vs Ngannou trailer packs cinematic ‘Street Fighter’ punch into ‘Knockout Chaos’ (Video)

Boxing fans who thought the cinematic trailer for Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk was the high-water mark for pre-fight promotion may want to check out this recently released hype video for the heavyweight showdown between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou, who collide on March 8 in Saudi Arabia.

Street Fighter fans are sure to enjoy some of the animated action.

Ngannou, three years older than Joshua at 37, shocked the boxing community with his commanding performance against Tyson Fury last Oct. in Riyadh. The loss established “The Predator” — now listed in the WBC heavyweight rankings — as a major player in the “sweet science” and no longer the “gimmick fight” that “AJ” thought he was in early 2023.

“This fight is my everything,” Joshua said at the kickoff press conference. “I’m not focused on championship belts right now. My main goal is Francis. I train intensely because that reflects in the ring. Victory in training leads to victory in the ring. The belts can wait; my focus is on training and the upcoming fight. Francis is like other fighters in physicality but different in mindset. That’s what I need to conquer. It’s not just about physicality; it’s about taking their spirit. I’m excited for this challenge. We can both adapt our fighting styles, making this an exciting fight.”

“No one still knows what I can do,” Ngannou previously told The MMA Hour. “[Tyson Fury] was my first fight in boxing. As anyone, I’m just improving, and the gap of improvement for a beginner like me, it’s huge. I’m just a beginner improving. I think most likely [I’ll be] knocking Anthony Joshua out. I think that he’s easier to go down than Fury. I mean, not that he’s not a strong fighter. He’s a very tough fighter, but he’s easier to send down than Fury, and it’s harder for him to get back up than Fury.”

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