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Love is Blind Season 6 Couples Ranked Most to Least Likely to Marry

We’re more than halfway through Love is Blind Season 6, so it’s time to start speculating. This season, five couples got engaged in the pods and are now putting their relationships to the test. Like clockwork, the second the couples left their pod bubbles, everything began to fall apart. With their rose-colored glasses off and seemingly smashed to bits, many of the cast members are having serious doubts about who they decided to pair up with.

After the snoozefest that was Season 5, Season 6 has more than delivered. Seriously, when I say Season 6 is amazing, it is A-MAZ-ING. Nearly every episode viewers have been left gooped, gagged, and eager for more. These couples are some of the most compelling we’ve ever seen on Love is Blind. The cast is full of abysmal communicators, spectacularly bad decision makers, and the worst “nice guys” you’ll ever meet. Season 6 is incredible to watch, but seriously, what are they putting in the water in Charlotte?

At this point, the weddings are just a couple weeks away, and for most of the Love is Blind Season 6 couples, it’s anyone’s guess who’s going to be saying “I do.” But based on what we’ve seen so far, there are some couples who inspire a lot more hope than others. Here’s how they rank, from least to most likely to actually tie the knot.

Jeramey and Laura 


I feel pretty confident pronouncing the time of death for this relationship as Episode 9. For a while, it seemed like Jeramey Lutinski and Laura Dadisman were a pretty solid couple. Their relationship had a steady build during their time in the pods. Though they experienced some hiccups in the Dominican Republic, Jeramey and Laura got along pretty well.

However, this relationship took a swan dive into a pile of manure by the end of the second batch of episodes. Turns out Jeramey isn’t the lovable dork he likes to pretend to be. He got busted by his fiancé (and master interrogator, it seems) after meeting up with the girl he rejected in the pods, Sarah Ann. Jeramey took off for the bars at 10:45 and didn’t return home till 5 am, while his location tracker revealed he was at Sarah Ann’s apartment. 

Jeramey was almost certainly cheating and Laura is almost certainly going to dump his ass. I’ll be surprised if this couple makes it to their wedding day.

Jimmy and Chelsea


There’s never been a Love is Blind cast member who makes me as irrationally angry as Jimmy Presnell, so perhaps I’m biased, but I don’t have much hope for his relationship with Chelsea Blackwell

Unable to express or process emotions on even the most basic level, Jimmy shockingly had two women on the hook during the pods phase. Ultimately Jimmy broke up with single mom Jessica Vestal and proposed to Chelsea—a decision that may very well haunt him to the end of his days. Chelsea, for her part, also had a much better prospect who she bafflingly turned down for Jimmy (#justicefortrevor). 

The cracks in this relationship started forming from the minute Jimmy and Chelsea laid eyes on each other. Chelsea’s insecure about Jimmy’s love for her, and she’s absolutely right to feel that way. Between Jimmy’s disinterest, his sketchy social media interactions with Jessica, and Chelsea kicking herself for not picking Trevor Sova, it’s hard to picture these two getting married. Though the teaser for the remaining episodes show Chelsea in a wedding dress, it also showed her screaming “I know you f*cked her!” at Jimmy, so there’s that.

Clay and AD


When Amber Desiree “AD” Smith said yes to Clay Gravesande’s proposal, she fell right back into her old habits—poor AD. Clay was waving red flags left and right in the pods, but AD, who didn’t have any other good options, fell for his charm nonetheless. 

Now, these two do have some things going for them. The chemistry is certainly there, and Clay does have moments of clarity where he recognizes his toxic tendencies, but then reverts back. You’re so close, buddy! Unfortunately, Clay continues to exhibit some very problematic views, including an extremely narrow idea of what it’s acceptable for AD’s body to look like and a concerning obsession with wondering if he’ll cheat. Yikes.

Unlike the previous two Love is Blind Season 6 couples, I can actually picture AD and Clay getting married—although I really don’t want to. But I can also picture this couple not following through with marriage. Honestly, I could see either AD or Clay being the one to say, “I don’t.” At this point, they could go either way.

Kenneth and Brittany


Kenneth Gorham and Brittany Mills have a lot of compatibility—at least on paper. The two developed a strong connection in the pods due to their shared religious views and values. Throughout their initial meeting and trip to the DR, there seemed to be a lot of love between Brittany and Kenneth. So, at first, things were looking up for them. 

Unfortunately, their return to the real world is putting Kenneth and Brittany’s relationship to the test. Though they decided to save sex until after marriage, the couple are exhibiting major intimacy issues. Brittany isn’t sure of her attraction to Kenneth, and revealed that they haven’t even made out yet. 

There’s a lot more to intimacy than just sex, but it seems like there’s zero heat between Kenneth and Brittany. Kenneth has an unhealthy obsession with his phone, and he’s getting home at extremely late hours and interfering with Brittany’s sleep, which certainly won’t be winning him any points with Brittany.

This couple does seem to be having a bumpy ride—unfortunately just not in bed. However, other couples have survived worse on Love is Blind and still gone through with the wedding. In reality, Kenneth and Brittany probably aren’t a great match, but that might not stop them from getting married.

Johnny and Amy


If there’s one couple I feel confident about staying together for the long haul, it’s Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés. Their relationship has had an upward trajectory since they first met in the pods, and it only seems to be getting stronger.

Johnny is absolutely bonkers for Amy and Amy is steadily letting Johnny into her heart—it’s been beautiful to watch. Right now their biggest hurdles seem to be the fact that Amy isn’t on birth control, which is a problem that can be solved with a call to the gynecologist. Amy has also expressed reservations about getting married without her father’s blessing. However, there’s some very suspicious editing with the footage of them in the finale teaser, which leads me to believe Netflix is attempting misdirection.

These two are by far the easiest to root for out of all the Love is Blind Season 6 couples, and if they don’t get married, then love is dead. Johnny and Amy are practically a done deal, and it’s highly likely they’ll be getting married, even if the rest of the couples crash and burn.


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