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Rachel’s Snarky Post About Scheana Is Actually Pretty Great

Since her affair with the worm, Rachel Leviss has slithered away into the recesses of Vanderpump Rules fans’ minds. However, she recently popped back up after giving Scheana Shay a pretty hilarious edit on her podcast. The two women used to be thick as thieves, with the mother of one often defending Rachel during Season 10.

After a dual interview gone wrong, a push/punch, and a restraining order, Rachel and Scheana have not been on the greatest of terms. So, Rachel’s recent “passion project” to embarrass her former friend isn’t too surprising. The well-edited clip showed just how two-faced Scheana can be, and it was delightfully shady. Here’s why we’re loving Rachel’s snarky post.

Rachel Knew Her Audience

Rachel Leviss/Instagram

Rachel recently dropped Chapter 10 of her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, and it has hit in a pretty big way. You see, Scheana has a knack for being able to make almost anything about her. This talent hasn’t gone unused when mentioning Scandoval or Tom Sandoval.

In Rachel’s latest post, she spliced together footage of Scheana criticizing Rachel’s podcast for continuing to discuss Scandoval with footage of Scheana also endlessly discussing Scandoval. Though fans might be inclined to think the post was a re-share, Rachel confirmed in the comments that she was the editor, calling the video her “passion project.”

In the clips, Scheana talked about Tom’s thoughts on Rachel, not wanting to be associated with Tom, and even added Tom to her song, Apples. Clearly, Scheana has talked a lot about Tom Sandoval, and Rachel hasn’t missed the irony. The former model took it upon herself to call Scheana out in such a way that it was too funny to be maliciously shady. I mean, it was totally shady, but shady in a way that I want more iced tea and for her to continue while I sip and listen.

I may be challenged on this opinion, but I found the edit funny AF. Even if you are not a huge fan of her, Rachel’s snarky post hit—no question. If Rachel could do more episodes, I might be actually interested in sitting down and listening. But until then I’ll take whatever shade she is willing to throw out.  

Fans Complimented Rachel

Rachel Leviss/Instagram

I kid you not; most of the comments on Rachel’s post were positive. One follower wrote, “And the award for best editing goes to Rachel!” Another felt the post “obviously taught her not to accept BS and Bullying… Scheana should mind her business.” Fans praised Rachel, with one saying, “You didn’t just bring the receipts; you brought the whole spreadsheet.”

I have to say the post was also a bit refreshing, kind of like Tom’s arugula drink at Schwartz & Sandy’s. To be honest, Rachel needed to mix up her content a bit because it was giving an ‘Analyze This’ vibe. 

The girl has jokes, and the post was beyond appropriate because every one of the current cast members has commented on Rachel’s absence and refusal to film. So now, at least, Rachel is getting a bit of revenge. I’d argue the post is as Good as Gold. I felt content knowing that Scheana’s day was most likely ruined by the post as she stewed on the content drop for hours. 

The Hypocrisy Is Real

Rachel Leviss/Instagram

Anyone who knows Scheana knows that she likes to insert herself into other people’s issues. Yes, Tom was the one dude who accepted her in the group, but it doesn’t mean she owes him eternal friendship. The mother of one swore up and down that she would never be friends with the worm again, yet Vanderpump Rules Season 11 is showing us multiple interactions. Scheana is almost going out of her way to facilitate a conversation with Tom even though she is trying her best to pretend she is ignoring him. Scheana was one of the only cast members to actively film with Tom. So, I call BS.

As much as most of us might want Rachel to move on because she is no longer on the show, the fact is she, Tom, and Scandoval are still pretty relevant. Rachel’s clap back makes total sense since Scheana has literally been making it her job to talk about Scandoval. Rachel’s “passion project” might be a one-off, but I do think it would be nice to see her get a few more hits in.


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