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Sandra Diaz-Twine Explains Pool Table Strategy Talk

The Traitors has been the talk of the town since the premiere of Season 2 in early January. Cast members include iconic reality stars from shows including The ChallengeThe Real HousewivesBig BrotherSurvivor, and many more. 

Phaedra Parks, specifically, has received glowing reviews from fans of the show for her noteworthy one-liners, strategic gameplay, and flawless takedown of Dan Gheesling in an earlier episode. 

The momentum of a fantastic season came to a halt during last week’s airing — when a conveniently-timed sacrifice was thrown into the game of play. It also ruined Sandra Diaz-Twine’s scheme to oust The Bachelor’s Peter Weber. Even though we didn’t see the master plan come to fruition, we saw the plotting, and Sandra explained it further in a post online. 

Behind the scenes of Sanrda’s plan

For those confused about why Sandra revealed her big plan openly in front of possible Traitors, she broke it down on her Instagram

“I want to make something clear,” she wrote. “During that strategy session, I also made it clear that, hopefully, the traitors were in our group so that they could murder each and every one of the so-called ‘most faithful of the faithful,’ therefore allowing the faithful in the leftovers to get to the end of the game.”

The two-time Survivor winner continued, explaining that the Faithfuls must go just like the Traitors at some point. If the Traitors in the Queen’s Circle buy into this plan, in the end, the Faithful could have the majority and dictate their fate. 

“No one there is oblivious to the fact that Parvati and Phaedra have already been called out several times,” Sandra wrote, adding that keeping them safe for now is “manageable,” whereas adding more Traitors puts them back at square one. 

We’ll see if they can throw this plan back into motion during next week’s showing. 

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