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“Uncommitted” Democrat Voters in Michigan Plan to Vote for Trump in General Election | The Gateway Pundit

In a protest against Joe Biden’s policies on the war in Gaza, many Democrats in Michigan are voting “uncommitted” in the Democratic presidential primary.

The protest is being led by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who, according to NBC, in the days leading up to the primary, sent robocalls to 87,000 residents in Michigan urging them to vote “uncommitted” in the primary.

On Tuesday morning, Rep. Tlaib posted a video explaining why she voted uncommitted and refused to vote for Biden.


Despite Tlaib using the protest to send a message to Biden to change his policies, some Democrat voters in Michigan have had enough with Biden and plan to vote for Trump in the general election.

The Daily Mail talked to Dearborn resident Jamileh Karkaba, who told the outlet she planned to vote uncommitted in the Democratic primary and for Trump in the general election.


Per The Daily Mail:

Jamileh Karkaba is a driving instructor who immigrated to the U.S. from Lebanon decades ago.

‘I want Republicans now, because Biden is not doing nothing for us,’ she said. ‘He’s helping Israel to kill our people.’

She said she came to vote uncommitted on the Democratic ballot, but will pull the lever for Trump in November, saying she was ‘so comfortable’ when he was in office.

Axios reporter Samuel Robinson was also on the ground in Dearborn, Michigan, interviewing several Dearborn residents, such as Hassan Balhas.

Robinson reported, “Hassan Balhas voted uncommitted and won’t vote for Biden in November. He tells me at this point he’d rather have Trump.”

“Republicans and Democrats are the same. I work two jobs right now — I’ve never had to before under any president,” added Balhas.

This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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