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How Did RHOP’s Mia Thornton Earn Her Money?

Even though, at times, I find myself thinking, “Girl, you’re doing too much. You should just keep a low profile after you literally got into a physical fight with Wendy Osefo last season; I like Mia Thornton’s storylines on The Real Housewives of Potomac. In my opinion, she had a great freshman season after being brought into the group by the Grand Dame herself.

I have, however, noticed that Mia loves money. Honestly, who doesn’t? The mother of three has been caught by Bravo cameras multiple times talking about money and how much all of her possessions cost her.

Even though she might be considered a snob, it turns out she might not be as big of a gold digger as fans once thought. When Mia said she was once a stripper, and making $10,000 in one night would have been a “slow” one, it was clear that money talks in her world. So how exactly did Mia earn her money? We dive in…

Mia Is Old Money

No matter how many date nights Mia tried to get on the books, the special time didn’t seem to help her marriage flourish. While watching the latest season, I was pretty surprised to learn Mia had some money of her own before tying the knot with Gordon Thornton in 2012. Even though Wendy and others asked if Mia was only “with Gordon for financial reasons,” the former dancer noted she was pretty well off before meeting her hubby.

Mia revealed, “Now, did I have more money when I was coming into the relationship with Gordon? Yes. But mine was on inheritance.” Immediately, I wondered who had left her money! Was it a family member? An old fan of her dancing? I had questions. Mia isn’t bothered by what her friends think, sharing, “People are going to think what they want to think, regardless, because I’m young and beautiful, and he’s an older guy, so we let people think what they want to think.”

Thankfully, in an interview during the episode, Mia clarified her comment, saying, “Oh, dear lord. I can’t even believe I said that, but it’s true. But I can’t believe I said it. OK, so there’s a difference between cash and assets. So, at that time, did I have more cash in the bank than Gordon did? Yes, abso-freaking-lutely.”

Mia Did Marry for Money

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So even though Mia may have had a few coins in her purse, fans were not taken aback at all when she revealed at BravoCon via Pride that she chose her husband due to his deep pockets. She admitted, “We all know that! That’s just who I am.” I mean, I don’t feel like she needed to admit that because it is like saying the sky is blue. Here I was thinking Mia married Gordon for his charming personality, obvious sex addiction, and toddler-like intellect. I mean, come on, we all know Mia likes a good designer bag and her nails done. 

But I will give credit where credit is due. At least Mia is admitting who she is, unlike her co-star, Ashley Darby, who acts high and mighty as she makes fun of Candiace Dillard Bassett for having generational wealth. Meanwhile, her Aussie ex is currently paying for her lifestyle amid their divorce.

No Money, No Marriage

Mia took her size 12 Jimmy Choo and marched right on away from her marriage to Gordon. It came after the couple suffered some serious financial blows. Money can’t buy you love! Even after 11 years of marriage, the former regional developer for the Joint Chiropractic Franchise shared the main reason for the split was cold hard cash. 

The issue of downsizing was hard for Mia. She shared in therapy: “The relationship between Gordon and I has definitely changed. Ever since Gordon was voted out of the family business, he’s been working a lot more so it is causing a lot of tension inside of our marriage. And, to me, spending time with the kids and having balance is so much better than us always working, and then we look up and our kids are grown.”

Mia might be thinking of returning to her dancing roots, but she still have some tricks up her sleeve.


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