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Joe Biden Holds St. Patricks Day Brunch at White House – And Once Again Is Incoherent and Slurring (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden held a St. Patricks Day brunch at the White House on Sunday for Catholic leaders and Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

AP News reported:

In Washington, President Joe Biden held a St. Patrick’s Day brunch for Catholic leaders in the East Room on Sunday. The room was decked out for the holiday, with an Irish flag, shamrocks and green and gold tablecloths. Guest seating cards were written in Celtic-looking green lettering.

As usual, Biden was slurring his speech and not making any sense.


“Ireland now is one of the top ten investors in the United States economy and our countries stand proudly for liberty and against tyranny,” Biden said.

Biden says that as his administration is attempting to put his main opposition in prison for made-up crimes.

Biden continued and then said, “You can clap for that, please.”


Biden then talked about his great-great-great grandfather in 1828 in Ireland.

“He worked in the town brickyard. In 1828 he was paid, and they gave me a receipt, 21 pounds and 12 schillings to help supply the bricks for that cathedral,” Biden said.

Then he jumbled his words once again.

“It was made able to touch, I was, it was made, and I was able to touch some of my own hands very bricks he made,” Biden continued.


He also attended a St. Patrick’s Day luncheon on Friday at the Capitol and delivered more ridiculous remarks.


Biden’s handlers kept an eye on him as he descended the Capitol steps.


This story originally appeared on TheGateWayPundit

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