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Mike Pence Basically Cut An Ad For Joe Biden

Mike Pence accused Trump of abandoning America’s leadership in the world, which is a clip the Biden campaign will definitely use.

Pence said on CBS’s Face The Nation that his refusal to endorse Trump was about more than 1/6:

The president and I have profound differences. Many think it’s just over January 6th, and frankly, the fact that president continues to insist I had the right to overturn the election that day is a fundamental difference.

I want to be clear that I’ve forgiven the president in my heart for what happened that day. As a Christian I’m required to do that. I’ve prayed for him in that regard. The issue to the constitution is not a small matter, but it’s not just that.

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I mean, the reason that I cannot in good conscience endorse Donald Trump this year also has to do with the fact that he is walking away not just from keeping faith with the constitution on that day, but also, Margaret, with a commitment to fiscal responsibility, a commitment to the sanctity of life, a commitment to American leadership in the world.

Pence went on to criticize Trump for changing his position on China and TikTok.


Mike Pence will not be endorsing President Biden. That is a certainty, but Pence knows exactly what he is doing. Trump’s abandoning America’s global leadership has been one of the main points of the Biden campaign.

The former vice president’s comments will be used in ads by President Biden, and other groups who are opposing Donald Trump throughout the campaign.

Trump’s own former vice president says that he is abandoning America’s leadership in the world. That is a powerful campaign ad waiting to happen, and Mike Pence just handed it to President Biden.

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