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Apple’s third-gen AirPods fall back to $150

This is a good moment to buy wireless earbuds as a Mother’s Day gift, or just as a treat for yourself. After a month, Amazon is once again selling third-generation AirPods for $150, or $20 off. That’s near the best price we’ve seen, and makes them easier to choose if you’re looking for mid-priced personal audio. You can also get the second-gen model for $99 if you’re just looking for the fundamentals.


The third-gen AirPods represent a major improvement over their predecessors. They sound dramatically better, with a more open sound that delivers clearer highs and richer bass. They’re more comfortable to wear for prolonged periods, and the longer six-hour battery life can help you get through a longer flight or a long stretch of the workday. Water resistance also makes them better-suited to use in the rain or certain workouts.

They’re not for everyone. This model won’t sound as good or fit as snugly as the AirPods Pro. You also won’t get active noise cancellation (ANC) to shut out the rest of the world. And while you can use them with Android, they’re still best-suited to Apple devices. The tight ecosystem integration makes them extremely convenient if you have Apple gear, though, and you might even prefer the lack of ANC if you need to pay attention to coworkers or traffic.

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