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positive interest rates By Reuters

By Takahiko Wada and Leika Kihara TOKYO (Reuters) - As Japan nears an end to eight years of negative interest rates,...

Asia shares up on China data, await clutch of central bank meetings By Reuters

2/2 © Reuters. A teller sorts U.S. dollar banknotes inside the cashier's booth at a forex exchange bureau in downtown Nairobi, Kenya...



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Electric Transmission Buildout Could Cost Americans Trillions of Dollars | The Gateway Pundit

Though windmills and solar panels get the headlines, the big energy topic in Washington is electric transmission. Whether it is Congress’s newfound interest...


Ryan Phillippe Discusses Prey and Creating ‘Something That Lasts’

From '90s classics to Oscar-winning ensemble films, veteran actor Ryan Phillippe has played a wide variety of roles over the years and dabbled in basically every genre of...

Kalani Faagata Calls Fans “Inbreds” Amid Cheating Accusations

Summary Kalani Faagata defends her relationship with Dallas, slamming fans for accusing her of cheating on Asuelu Pulaa. Kalani clarifies that she never dated Asuelu and...

Why Young Sheldon Needed to End According to Producers

Summary The end of Young Sheldon was a conscious decision by the creative team to conclude the show while it was still on top. Sheldon's upcoming...

6 Harsh Realities Of Rewatching Squid Game More Than 2 Years Later

Summary Revisiting Squid Game reveals tragic friendships and unexpected plot twists that add depth to the intense storyline. Season 1's talented cast shines in the Netflix...

Jurassic World 4 Must Overcome 1 Challenge That’s Baked Into Its Premise

Summary Jurassic World 4 needs to find a new fierce predator to replace T. Rex, a challenge crucial for its success. The film must recapture the...

Desert Road Review | A Mind-Boggling Thriller

Desert Road proves that the desert can be as terrifying as it is beautiful. At one moment, the way the sun hits the rocks and the sand makes...

Why 2024 Will Be Great for Action Movies

Summary 2024 promises a return to form for action genres, with big franchises like Mad Max and the MCU making a comeback. Standalone and independent action...
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“Duty, honor, country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be.” So...
Mayor Adams’ agreement, announced Friday, to limit the time migrants can stay in shelters at taxpayer expense, is smoke and mirrors.  It’s designed to...
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