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Halsey Shares Tribute to Suga After Performing Together – Billboard

Halsey took to social media on Wednesday (May 17) to celebrate performing with Suga at the BTS idol’s show at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif.

“Guested at the forum the other night with @agustd and we performed ‘suga’s interlude’ for the first time ever live!” she wrote alongside a slideshow of the pair posing together and performing onstage. “I’ve shared a stage with my friend many times, but never alone and never like this. When the song ended all we could do was laugh because it was just a feeling of ‘woah that just happened?!’ after knowing each other for 7 years.

“I call Suga ‘twin’ for a lot of reasons,” the nonbinary pop star continued. “We have the same smile, we have a lot of shared interests, sometimes we even have the same haircut. But I mostly say it because we seem strangely (and sometimes wordlessly) connected on a creative wavelength. Watching him perform his solo concert was an incredible experience. He is a true artist, which I’ve always known. But seeing the energy, versatility, creativity, and courageous darkness of the show blew me away. Moments like these remind me why we are so fortunate to have this way of expressing ourselves. I am so grateful!”

Halsey finished off her post by thanking her “twin” for inviting her to the show and sending a thank-you message to ARMY for “as always, singing your hearts out and making me feel right at home.”

The “I Am Not a Woman, I’m a God” singer also hyped up the release of D-DAY, Suga’s debut album under his Agust D moniker, when it dropped in April, writing, “Lessss goooooo @agustd ALBUM IS OUT!!!”

Read Halsey’s shout-out to Suga below.

This story originally appeared on Billboard

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