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iPhone 15 displays set to be produced in June

The iPhone 15 displays are set to be produced in June.

Display panels intended for the iPhone 15 are on track to start production in June, it is claimed, which would put Apple’s production plans about on its historical schedule for this component.

Apple’s typical schedule for releasing its new iPhone generation focuses on a September launch and availability soon after, though with rare exceptions. For the iPhone 15, it seems that at least one important component is being made according to Apple’s planned timings.

In a tweet to subscribers, Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants told followers that iPhone 15 display panels are “starting in June.” Based on previous years, this would be practically on schedule for a normal production for iPhones, as it would match 2022 production as well as for pre-COVID years.

Young continues, offering that iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro panels are “expected to have an early lead in volume,” which could indicate Apple believes that the models will be the highest-sellers of the class of 2023.

While the iPhone’s display may not necessarily be a cause for delays, another analyst wrote on Sunday that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus may still face them. According to analyst Jeff Pu, yield issues for a stacked 48-megapixel camera sensor could put a dent into the production schedule.

This story originally appeared on Appleinsider

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