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Jasmine Ellis Cooper Says Viewers Will See ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ in Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

The Summer House family is getting bigger! The premiere of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is right around the corner. In a recent interview with ET, stars Jasmine Ellis Cooper and Silas Cooper dished on what fans can expect from the new iteration of Summer House, and it sounds like the cast is coming in hot, ready to make their reality TV debut.

Welcome to the Summer House family

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is an all-Black spinoff featuring 12 friends traveling to Martha’s Vineyard for a two-week coastal getaway. Newlyweds Jasmine and Silas are the group’s nucleus and have traveled to Martha’s Vineyard for years. So when they were approached with the opportunity to do a reality show around their summer getaway, Silas shared that it felt “natural.” But, at the time of filming, they had no clue that their show would eventually evolve into a Summer House spinoff.

“We had no idea,” Jasmine revealed. “We knew that we had gone for a couple of years with our friends, same setup with the friends in a house, and they kind of wanted to redo that with us. So after filming, it was just like, ‘OK, cool, we’re doing what we did last year and the year before.’”

Because the newlyweds and the rest of their friends had no idea they were filming a Summer House show, they entered filming with a fresh perspective. You can tell from the trailer that they weren’t afraid to let it all hang out in front of the cameras.

“When we decided to do it, we agreed that we would do it the only way we know how, which is ourselves,” Jasmine explained. “The good, bad, and ugly. So, how you guys feel about it? I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Jasmine and Silas teased that some of the good we’ll see from the show is genuine, authentic friendships. They’re also excited to showcase Martha’s Vineyard, the historic, go-to vacation destination for Black Americans. Jasmine urged that despite its reputation as “uppity and prestigious,” it’s not the case, and this show will prove it.

“You really get to just see us be, and I am excited about that because, at the end of the day, we are friends,” Jasmine explained. “The vineyard is an amazing, fun place to be. You can just chill and you can turn up all in one day.”

Regarding the bad and the ugly that we’ll see on the show, Jasmine and Silas teased a few bumps in the road with their roommates. Although most were already friends, a few cast members met for the first time while filming the show. In particular, Jasmine recalled learning that Bria Fleming’s dog Milo would be staying with them for the trip. Apparently, that news didn’t go over well.

“Look, I have not really grown up around pets,” Jasmine explained, “but anyone who knows me, knows that I’m like the most chill, adaptable person. But as the host, there’s just general etiquette: give me the heads up.”

The newlywed couple also teased that their two-week vacation proved to be a test of their relationship. It’s almost as if reality TV cameras don’t bode well for relationships. Either way, Silas claimed they grew as a couple from the experience. Let’s hope it stays that way once the show starts airing.

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard premieres on Sunday, May 7th.


This story originally appeared on Realitytea

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