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Katie Maloney’s Mom Teri Responds To ‘Vitriol’ From Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval of Vanderpump Rules has involved himself yet again, and this time not only is Katie Maloney’s mom, Teri involved, but so is her son, Joey Maloney. Tom, Tom, Tom – how come you have no filter? Every time you think there is injustice, you voice your opinion. Noble at heart, but is it in fact – interwoven with vitriol?

Terri seems lovely, and is only concerned for her daughter’s well-being. Is it necessary? Probably not, as Katie can fight her own battles/mend her own heart, but this is what some moms do. Tom Sandoval, however, is not a mom so what stake does he have in the matter. Oh yeah, that’s right. He’s Tom Schwartz’s BFF and is carrying on a relationship with Raquel. Sounds like he is less than impartial; not a voice of reason.

What’s happening on Twitter?

Katie’s brother felt the need to speak up. He had to defend his mom against Tom (again, not Tom Schwartz, but Tom Sandoval). What did Joey say?

“This might be the only time I use the hashtag at the end here but had to speak up about these garbage humans. You act tough and talk to my mom and my sister like that when you are on camera but you would never dare do that when your ego wasn’t being boosted. #PumpRules.”

Teri’s response, “Thank you so much Joey for all your love and support! It was not shown in tonight’s episode, but you step in and defended me upon Sandoval’s vitriol attacks… not only one time, but 3 times!”

Why is this happening?

On a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie was standing her own in a conversation with Raquel Leviss at the Something About Her event. Raquel attempts to back Schwartz and Teri sweetly says, “Excuse me. When we spoke…did my conversation mean anything to you?” To which Raquel responds with disdain, “Oh my god.” And that sets it all off.

Teri makes a really good point when she speaks to “Tommy” and Katie’s 12-year relationship and that they still love each other. Tom spoke that same night to Teri, telling her he could feel Katie’s presence and how much he loves her (nevermind that Tom flip-flops a lot). I understand Raquel is standing up for herself for the first time in her life (and doesn’t really know how), but pick your battles, and try to understand what others are going through – friends on not.

Tom Sandoval speaks up in this conversation, but with his yelling I already forgot what he said. I, like Ariana want to go home. It sounds like a chunk of this exchange was edited out (per Teri), but Tom gets his chance in interview by calling Katie’s mom’s involvement “tacky” and “kind of f’d up”.

Catch the finale of Vanderpump Rules, Wednesday, May 17th.


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