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‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Series Finale Spoilers, Surprises, Emotional Twists

Will NCIS: Los Angeles surprise you with its series finale? Might Magnum P.I. say aloha to a better time slot? Has Fire Country‘s love triangle truly flamed out? Read on for answers to those questions plus scoop on many other shows.  (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

Do you have any scoop on Sam’s story in the NCIS: Los Angeles series finale? Anything you can reveal would be wonderful. –Kae
Sam assumes his undercover persona of Switch again, for a very dangerous, high-stakes meeting with some sketchy people — and with the irrepressible Nina Barnes at his side this time! I gotta say, the sequence and their banter is fun.

One big question for NCIS: LA‘s two-part series finale: Does Hetty have one last, big surprise up her sleeve? –Maria
NCIS: LA boss Scott Gemmill already addressed the Hetty sitch here. But if it’s surprises you want, I’ll say this much: The conclusion of the two-parter ends in a way that absolutely caught me off guard. As in, I literally exclaimed, “Oh, wow” as the very final minutes started unspooling.

Any info on the NCIS: LA series finale? –McKenzie
The Callen/Anna wedding is lovely and all, but there are moments both before and after the last-minute ceremony that are much, much more emotionally charged. Seriously, have Kleenex in good supply!

I hope you have something for Nancy Drew fans? We are dying for new scoop…. –Marie
Showrunner Melinda Hsu Taylor was unable to dish during the WGA strike, but she did recently tell USC’s The SCoop, “Nancy has a star-crossed love thing going on which definitely plays out in Season 4, [where she] wants to be with somebody” — Ace! — “and can’t be with this person. Also, we solve the mystery of who dug up these graves and what forces are at work in town, and it turns out it’s something very big that stretches back over generations, and [Nancy] is definitely integral to that. Bonus scoop: Keep an eye on TVLine for an exclusive first look at the final season….

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