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Overheard LA removes unauthorized L.A. Philharmonic merch

T-shirts and sweatshirts inspired by last week’s much-discussed L.A. Philharmonic concert are no longer available for purchase online. The seller has removed the apparel — which was not approved by the L.A. Phil — from its website within hours of putting it on the market.

Comedic Instagram account Overheard LA on Thursday launched new merchandise winking at Friday’s performance, which made headlines after multiple attendees reported hearing a woman orgasm during the second movement of Tchaikovsky‘s Fifth Symphony.

Other concertgoers have disputed the orgasm theory, speculating that the audience member who made the sound might have fallen asleep and/or experienced something related to a medical condition.

The short-lived Overheard LA T-shirt and crewneck sweatshirt featured the L.A. Phil logo and the tongue-in-cheek tagline, “Come for the music stay for the standing O.” The tee cost $30 and the sweatshirt was priced at $45. Both items were sold in black and white.

“Everyone deserves a standing O,” Overheard LA captioned an Instagram post promoting the products on Thursday. The promo has since been taken down.

The Overheard LA merchandise was not in any way affiliated with the real L.A. Phil, according to a spokesperson for the organization. It’s unclear whether that key detail resulted in the items’ swift removal.

Before it was deleted, dozens of Instagram users left cheeky comments about the clothes and the concert underneath Overheard LA’s post.

“I keep trying to tell people how stimulating classical music is but [shrug],” opera singer Babatunde Akinboboye wrote.

“Lol they really capitalized off of that big O,” one person commented.

“Come for the music,” another person wrote. “I see what you did there.”

This story originally appeared on LA Times

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