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Relationships, Emergencies & More Burning Questions for Season 7 on ABC

9-1-1 doesn’t really do cliffhangers, and the latest finale was no different. Sure, there are some question marks, but everyone survived the overpass collapse (with injuries that we thought would be more serious than they were) and, thanks to a bit of a time jump, was back at work when “Pay It Forward” ended.

The good news is that wasn’t the end, though the first responder drama will be moving from Fox after six seasons over to ABC. (And with the writers’ strike, the network has leaned into unscripted programming for its fall schedule.) And we can’t help but wonder what that might mean for the show itself. Plus, there are the personal developments we saw in the montage at the end of the finale while Captain Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) led the 118 in a bit of meditation before the alarm rang for a call. Will that happiness continue into Season 7?

Scroll down to check out our burning questions for the 118’s future.

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